running: my supplements till the end of season!

I have always believe that supplements are important for athletes. Personally, supplement is define as an additional nutrition taken in other than 3 basic meals. So, a bottle of gatorade/100plus is also considered as a supplement.

As a marathon runner, i am constantly hungry due to the high energy output of my sport. I have been losing so much weight that i seem so “kenyan”. but that is a good thing too. it means im crafting my body into the ideal body shape to compete for the event!

I just bought my supplements recently from an online webbie.
Im trying GU supplements till the end of this season. Hopefully it will be a pleasant experience! =)

the different flavors power gel! too bad they are not caffeinated. Will definitely go and buy the caffeinated ones for my next 2 races! Standard Chartered Singapore and TOKYO MARATHON! wooots.

my recovery drink and my workout drink to keep my blood sugar in check during and after my workout. its gonna be a tough 3 months to come. 
time to bring the pain on.

prepared and written by Zac Leow