i breathe music

throughout my life.. music has always been part of who i am.
even when i was as young as 6, i was playing the piano.
some how.. i just love it. 
it is the most beautiful thing ever on earth.
Yesterday, i have released yet another single.
This was totally inspired by my bro Sylvester sim (sly). So how, his song “xi wang 希望” gave me this very very loving feeling. and I seemed to be able to let go out certain negative emotions. What mattered most is that i have given my all and it was a very good memory. With this song, i think i have officially moved on. To be able to look at the memories and smile. To think of no negative thoughts, but the purity of love.
Thank you god, for showing me this. Thank you sly, for inspiring me.
In all honesty, this is my first song that i am truly satisfied with all the arrangement.
I started from scratch. 
Did the drums, then the bass, then guitar, then vocals, the backing, the harmony and all the rap rap thingy. Basically. I really enjoyed the whole process. For a 4 hour job, i really think i am talented la. give me some credits. haha!
While i was arranging it, i thought about my drummer, Bryan. I imagined playing with him. I imagined how he would have interpreted and how he would have approached the song. I produced my own “Bryan”. and. I felt really good about it. haha.
So when bryan came over (to do another recording), i let him listened to the song and i asked if this is what he would have played. Initially, him being bryan, denied the fills and groove. But as the song continued he said “wa. xiang. i am impressed. you actually know me so well.”
Then i sent sly my song. Sly gave me very encouraging comments and it really felt good to be doing this all over again.

why am i doing this?
i dont know.
will i make money out of it?
But am i happy when i am doing it?
yes. very happy in fact.
so will i continue to compose?
you bet.
is the girl in the video my gf?
no. please dont sabo. hha
music is for life yo.
thanks for being in my life.
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peace out!

music : LET’S DANCE TONIGHT – updated

Hi. I am Zac. I am a sports scientist.
Hi. I am Zi Xiang, im a student.
Hi. I am Xiang. im a musician and this is the best talent god has given me.

I have been keeping this song for a while. initially, i wanted to sell this song off.
Then again, im glad i didnt.

Today, i realised how important this song has been to me and how much it meant to me now. LET’S DANCE TONIGHT!!! =)

This is my song.
This is my music.
This is my lyrics.
This is how i feel.
This is ME.
This is XIANG6699.

From today onwards, i wish to share more of my works with everyone. To spread the love of music and to reach out to more people.
I shall no longer hide in the shadows of a vocalist or behind another artist. I shall be true to myself.
I shall love myself more. I shall be fair to myself.

prepared and written by Zac Leow