youtube basketball vids

its the study period for my boys now and basketball training has been put to a stop so that they can concentrate on their studies. ( i dont remember having this kinda “benefit” during my JC days)
Although training has stopped, i’m still thinking about the game and how to do improvements for my boys so that they will higher their chances of winning this coming season.

After several discussions with my coaches, every one of them agreed that for my team to win, every single player needs to have a basic or at least a certain level of individual skills. if not, regardless of how well the strategies are, they are not able to win the game. So hopefully, my boys will be able to “level up” as much as possible so that they will be better.

There are plenty of sources readily available on the internet for learning purposes. However, if one watches a video that has an incorrect form, concept, this will hinder the learning process rather than to aid it.

and so, i came across a couple of youtube videos and thought that it will be helpful for everyone to have a look at it. Mental preparation and mental visualisation will, i repeat, will help in the perfection of the moves.

ps: note what expert KOBE says about basketball. Do the simple things right. Do the simple things right.


prepared and written by Zac Leow