pre race preparation

pre race preparation is as important as it can get to maximize yourself to your fullest potential.
these are some of the things i do before i go into my races:

1. get a sports massage to loose all the muscle. make sure they are not sore from the massage though!

2. get taped up. make sure all the taping are done beforehand so you will have a goodnight rest, knowing everything is done. for this race, i have k-taped (kinesio taped) my gastrocnemius to inhibit them. (generally, i tape up whatever muscle that has been giving me problem for the period of time. a lot of diagnosis are done regularly to make sure the correct muscles are being targeted)

3. a day of rest is needed for the race. if you must run, do not run more than 20 minutes on the day before the race.

4. good night rest of at least 8 hours. hey, i am sure you’ve heard of this in army and it is there for a reason.

5. drink 300ml-500ml of cool water 30 minutes prior to the race. this will enhance the body’s ability to absorb water during hydration in the mist of the race.

6. a good warm up.

well. looks like im all set for tomorrow’s adidas KOTR (singapore)   =]

prepared and written by Zac Leow