memory improvement

recently i’ve been thinking that maybe my car accident did affect my brain capacity. I do not seem to be able to remember that well and i have problem with focusing on a particular object (text, picture, person).
so i’ve done some research and found some ways to “boost” my memory and i would like to share with everyone.

hey. less time studying to score = more time to play right? =)

here’s one on how to remember stories?

techniques involved SING.
S = stop to focus
I = identify main points
N = never mind the details
G = get the rough idea

Here are 10 principles to memory work:
1. Interest (create interest in the information)
2. Intention (positive attitude that you will remember)
3. Basic Background (knows the background of the text/story)
4. selectivity (select what is most important)
5. meaningful organisation (grouping the info)
6. recitation
7. mental visualisation (adding images)
8. association (associate it to something familiar)
9. consolidation (make notes to review again)
10. distributed practice (shorter practice time over longer periods)

ways to make really good notes.

prepared and written by Zac Leow