Yet another career change

recently, I have started work at a local fragrance house and that caught many by surprise.

Well, really guys.. this is not the first time I have been making “shocking” decisions in my life. First I stopped school to play music.. then I did my own business (which obviously didnt end up well) and then i went to study sports science.. then now working in the fragrance industry. Ok. I must admit, even I was not prepared for this change. I really wanted to have a job in the health care research area or in sports science.. but looks like life has got other plans for me.

Of the 1001 questions I get, I shall address the top 5 questions. This might serve as a reminder/motivation to myself during future speed bumps.

1.What happened to sports science? Your PhD?

Long story short, I still love sports and absolutely believe in the beauty of sports science. However, the time and place doesn’t seem to fall in place for me. I struggled a lot initially with regards to “wasting” my PhD, moving on to a total “irrelevant field”. I felt that a piece of document had inflated my pride and ego, subjecting me to “what is appropriate” and “what is fitting” for me. As soon as I realised that trap, I knew I needed to move on. Life is too short to contained by my own imaginary box.

It was fun while it lasting. lots of boxes ticked off. AT least I can tell other's that I was a scientist :)
It was fun while it lasting. lots of boxes ticked off. AT least I can tell other’s that I was a scientist :)

2. I thought your diabetes research was receiving a lot of traction and words are some research firm are interested in hiring you?

Yes and no. Yes, my research gained a lot of traction and I am very honoured to have the privilege of having a group of participants, I now call my friends, whom made it possible. Although a few research firm did sound me out, there was never a concrete offer. A part of me misses the Perth a lot, but I guess it is just not the time for me to be there. Maybe in the future? Who knows? :) 

3. Are you still competing as an athlete?

Well, the plan was to continue to compete but plantar fasciitis has struck me again. So I am hoping the latest layoff will do me some good and that I will be able to do my time trial this August. Ironically, of all the jobs offered to me, this current job (which is the only non-sports related job) was the one job that encouraged me to continue training, to represent Singapore. Ironic isn’t it? 

Always an honour to represent Singapore
Always an honour to represent Singapore

4. Do you own the business? or have a share in it? Cause you seem like it.

Friends.. I wished I had a share. I am just another employee in this whole working culture. I know treat this like my own business because i choose to. some of us might remember my failed business venture 10 years ago. It was called SIXX, a ladies footwear company. I was young, naive, full of pride and overestimated my ability. The company failed terribly. Now in 2019, I was given a chance to join SIX and my boss trusted me so much that he lets me run it like my own business. Seriously, the only way to repay this guy to give my all and make him some dough right?

xiang6699 EDT Copy of Scentbysix_20ML EDT Trio Gift Box_$198

5. What do you enjoy most about the job?

Well.. I enjoy talking :)

Talking to people about the company, the products and conducting workshops!

what I enjoy most is the out-of-the-box thinking that is required. looks like the PhD is not wasted 😛

Lots of unknown = lots of opportunities and excitement.

I guess I will be always attracted to doing something different and the unknown. Makes me feel so alive when things actually work out well.

3 pros and 1 noob. Im obviously the noob
3 pros and 1 noob. So obvious that I am the noob sauce.