srjc: birthday celebration

sometimes i think im still a kid.
i still like to mess around, have fun and do silly things. and so, i made my team celebrate one of the players birthday by fulfilling a baller’s all time dream.
to dunk the ball.

united in strength, the helped the birthday boy up.

giving the serious game face!

going for the 2 hand jam!

leaning in for the finish!!

finishing strong!

one more look at the birthday dunk!

like a superman.

getting hia free birthday ride from the other team mates!

birthday boy being surprised by the cake!!

SRJC boys bballers m/

cake cutting session..

today was definitely one of more more fun sessions we had. boys, when we win our future games, i ensure u, its gonna hell outta more fun.
endure and work hard. we will walk till the end of the tunnel.

looking forward to seeing u guys whip some asses. rock n roll!!