Its official! I am now with MFP!

As we approach the halfway mark of 2019, Its timely that I reflect on how life has changed.

I have now officially relocated back Singapore for a few months now. Initially, I was certain that there wouldnt be much of a transition issue but I stand corrected. 

The weather, the work culture, the transport system (I still get lost on trains) and food has proven to be interesting challenges to daily living. Let alone, Shina and I are now staying at my parent’s till our flat comes along next year.

I also thought about why & how I started blogging. In the past, it was due to me being a Taiwan artist, then it was because I wanted to complain, then the real deal came in 2013 where I was strongly encouraged to document my accident. It was in hopes to encourage myself and possibly others. Thankful, I was able to help some people along this journey.

I have been so lazy, not blogging for a good 18 months. I just didnt think there was anything exciting nor was I really improving in my health condition. I didnt want to be seen as the “negative person” that complains about things. I wanted to spread some positivity to others.. but I was low in that department too.

Looking back, the blog is a diary and is something that I will want to look back and relive the good and the not-so-good bits of life. So it is with pleasure that I officially announce that I am now part of the MyFatPocket (MFP) family and commit to blogging once a month. I know my god sis will be keeping her eyes on me.

She has always encouraged me to blog, to share my “exciting” life with others. I love talking; writing is another whole new thing. It was just … too much effort for me. I mean come on, I can hardly find content for my instagram, still need to blog.. die la.. 

Fast forward to early June, when i caught up with her over coffee and the she told me that MFP has been looking for male bloggers to join the family.

Me: you sure or not.. 

Sis: sure

Me: you will have a nightmare chasing me for content one leh

Sis: no problem. I help you brainstorm

Me: u sure ah..

Sis: confirm

Ok. So confirm.

Black & white whole world see now.

So if my content lacking.. we know who we can all blame! Hahahahhahahaa!!

Jokes aside, while preparing for the “blog shift”, I was tasked to look for photos of myself.. and upon looking through the photo collections, I realised I really should have blogged more often. There was so much memories in the photos and how I wish I have written a blog for them!! So ok, my project now is to look back through these old photos and have some throwback blogs, while I log the present.

Peace out