1st 1500m of 2016

First 1500m of 2016.
First 1500m back in Perth.
First 1500m after I have “upgraded some parts” in Singapore.

Let’s just say I did not have high hopes for this race because I have yet worked on the physiological aspects of my run yet (aerobic capacity etc). I know my biomechanics have improved a lot since the ASEAN Para Games. At long last, I had that “kick” at the end of a long run, to overtake someone in the final stretch and that was tested out recently during one of the training session but in Perth and I certainly love this “upgrade”.

Given the lack of preparation, I knew the chances of me doing a new PB (personal best) and “NR” (national record) will be slim. Still, there were a few things I wanted to get out of this race:

1. To make sure I “kick” at the final 100m stretch (I usually finish off the last 100m of my 1500m in a limp)

2. To run every 400m faster than the one previous so that I can do a ‘negative split”.

3. To be more relax before a race because not every race is a “must win” and I want to be daring to try a different strategy/style even if it means that I might screw up the race.

With these agenda set, I prepared myself for the race.

Listening to some awesome music on my Sony B Trainer while visualising the run. Its kinda my way of ‘relaxing’ and removing all other distractions.

After the warm up jog, it was time to change into my race attire.
Side story: This pair of “pure neon yellow” spikes were given to athletes who competed at the previous World Championships. I hope this spikes will bring me closer to Paralympics and WC qualifications.

One of the many things that were taught to me by Coach Luis was to constantly check for my form, to give myself feedback on how my running mechanics are rather than just relying on feelings. Lots to work on, lots to remind myself of, but I am certain with all the work I put in, one day they will all pay off. Nil Sine Labore.

Final stride and video check before I get report to the call room.

Doing some mental preparation, reminding myself what Grant and Luis would have told me if they were physically here.

Race start! I can literally hear Luis saying: “Let your body fall, knee drive, ‘punch with your elbows’, feel relax and no back mechanics”
For the first time, I managed to stick to the running pack for a while before I got dropped off. Pretty happy about it.

 The race came as a surprise because I did not expect myself to be stick in the midst of a pack of runners. Think I might have started my first 400m a little too fast but it was still within my limits hence I didn’t blow up.

For a moment, I was wondering if I should keep up the pace so that I can continue to draft the runners. Abandoned that thought by the 600m mark and ran my own pace, putting my focus on original race plan and the final kick.

Interestingly, every time I come round a bend, I “hear” Luis shouting: Zac! No back mechanics!!
Thanks Coach. Those 2 months were well spent =)

Going for the final “kick” and I managed to overtake 1 person with 20m to go. This is the first time I won an abled bodied individual in the 1500m. I hope this is a good sign! =)

Managed to finish the race with a smile =)

Not only did I finished the race meeting all the agenda set prior, I managed to sneak in a new personal best and “national record”.
Cant wait to get the physiology aspect of things sorted out. I’m certain Grant’s going to make me spill during training and I am ready for it!
If it a’int challenging, I a’int training hard enough. Isn’t it? =)

Nil Sine Labore.

ps. If you are wondering why my “national records” are always in ” “.  It is because Singapore has no official national records and I am still waiting for the council to sort this issue out. So for now, every record I set is “unofficial” till the sporting body sort itself out.

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