Happy 2nd Anniversary

Its 6 November again.
So fast and its been 2 years since my accident.
so much has changed. So much more improvements.

For my 1st anniversary, I ran 21 km around Matilda Bay.
Some how, God has brought me back to Perth to celebrate my 2nd Anniversary. Which I have absolutely no objection to =p

Initially, I had no intention of running another 1500m till the ASEAN Para Games in December 2015. However, my coach told me to do a 1500m race to get myself race ready. So I had no choice but to sign up for one. (Yeah, never argue with your coach). The race was supposedly on 30 October but was pushed back a week due to some another event and so it happens that I will be racing on my 2nd accident anniversary! What a way to celebrate it. Seems to me that everything was “planned”.

During my warm-up, it started raining and the wind was so strong. I was wet and cold, and I wasn’t sure if my legs could move well. I was a little worried. Then it struck me. The harder the challenge, the better I strive. This is the typical “Have you met Zac?” moment.

It was the PERFECT way to celebrate my 2nd anniversary. Shitty conditions, missed meal times, slippery track, wet spikes… THIS IS SO PERFECT. How else will it be “defying all odds” right?

Got myself focused, raced and got myself a new Personal Best for the 1500m.

Thinking back, just 2 years ago, there I was lying in bed, unable to move my fingers, unable to pee or shit and was told I will not run again. Good thing that I am one stubborn person who doesn’t believe in what others think.

Was recently told that any accident-related recovery usually stops after 2 years and there will be almost no improvement after that.  and.. the same thought goes through my head: I don’t care about your “experiences”. Everything is possible for he who believes. So lets just move on, rock and roll, and prove the critics wrong (again).

I wonder what the 3rd year might bring. I am really looking forward to it.

Before the rain comes, everything looks perfect. 

my drills are seriously looking so much better than before! *proud moment*

My infamous pre-race stress face. Puffer Fish Face. 

This time, I managed to pin my own tag. Im getting better =)

At the 1500m starting line with some the young pups. Let not the age fool you. Sub 4:45 runners.

Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being so brave to walk this journey with me. Thank you for being there just to witness me run another PB. I promise, more good things will come. The best is yet to be.

Nil Sine Labore

prepared and written by Zac Leow