Lets go to… Beijing Open!

Today marks another milestone in my life. 
Today, I am on my first international duty. I am on my way to represent Singapore in the Beijing Open. Although this is not a big athletic meet, I hope this marks the start of more international duties and more importantly, me getting better and faster.
My favorite event till today is no doubt the marathon. I’m sure all my team mates know this. The longer the distance, the better I am. The fact that I hate sprint distance courses is no surprise. Well, for now, I have traded my marathon flats for track spikes. I will be competing in the 400m and 800m during the Beijing Para Open! Surprise surprise!! Even I am surprised.. 

I remembered how unsettled I was the day before my 400m time trial in February. I was so nervous that I had to message my coach and confess about my nervousness. And his reply was so simple, so absolute: 

Well, you have done lots of 400m repeats in your life. This is no different. It’s just another 400m. 

With this reply, I got my head screwed back on and I actually did really alright for my first ever sprint! 
And just 3 weeks back, we met up in Perth and he asked if I was ready for the Beijing Open. Being sick and all, I wasn’t confident at all. He then offered yet another priceless encouragement:
Well. It’s just 1% of the marathon distance isn’t it?
Thanks Grant. What would I do without you!! <3 div="">
I think what makes me really proud of this event is the fact that just over a year ago, I was still learning how to run. I remember the day when I was down at Busselton with James An, watching the rest of the of my awesome UWA Tri mates smashing themselves out in the Busselton half. I was so envious of everyone. Swimming, cycling and running their hearts out. Smashing their body minute after minute, hour after hour. As I watch them cross the finishing line one after the other, I had nothing but respect for them. I admired their courage, I felt their passion and happiness but I couldn’t feel the “pain” they were feeling. And that’s something I missed so much. To run my hearts out. Deep down I asked myself if I will ever do something so amazing again. 
Ever since my injury, there has been people who have (unintentional) put me down. They told me I’m not good enough. They told me I was too being greedy for wanting to be normal again. They told me to be realistic and face the fact I wouldn’t be normal again. I am thankfully for their harsh words, for it made me stronger. Im glad I saw every physiotherapy session as a training. And honestly, I am really glad I wasnt too concern about what was said. I just did what my coach alway tells me: there is no point in training if it aint challenging you.
For those who have encouraged me, who had the faith and courage to believe in a paralyzed man that he will indeed one day stand, walk and run again, I thank you. 
To those who had shed your tears for and with me, I’m sorry to have put you through such pain. I thank you for your love. 
To my friends from around the world: Rocktape Australia (Tony), Evolved physiotherapy (Neil & Evana), Acupoint Singapore (Diana) and Asics japan (Tadashi san), thank you for believing and assisting a broken man like me. This friendship will last a life time. 
To my family and fiancee, I love you!
You guys have no idea how much all these meant to me. This run is gonna be for all of you. Every single one of you. For believing in the impossible. 
As I approach the starting line this weekend. I will hold my head up. Because not only do I represent my country and friends from Singapore, but also my beloved friends from down-under and from the rising sun.
I might not be fast enough (yet), I will most likely be one of the slowest in the race. But Rest assured that I will do what I always have been doing: to give my absolute best, to better my best.
Nil Sine Labore. 
Indeed, at my own pace, I will better my best and I will reach the top!
Thanks buddy for this. Love it!! =)
Super cool color isnt it? Love Asics Japan.

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