My Family in Perth: UWATRI

Just took the hardest walk to Uni.
I went to see the team one last time before leaving and I was overwhelmed with emotions on the way there.

When I first came to Perth, I knew that the transition wouldnt have been easy, especially for the fact that I didnt have any friends who were living in Perth then. I remember searching the internet for a running club that I could join so that I could join in, meet some mates and improve running. Well, probably the focus was really be on running. Eventually, I chose to join the UWATRI team.

I remembered the very first running session I had with Dracup, James An, Vanessa and Damian at Mt Bay. It was the Friday afternoon 5km Time Trial run. I remembered how everyone was blazing the run then and I just had to go in so hard just to keep up with Dracup until the turn around (that sly asswipe). I remembered the following session at McGillivary and that was the day I met Grant Landers, the best coach I have ever met in my life. I remembered how painful and torturous the workouts were and how I consistently was unable to finish the workout. Despite saying all these, Tuesday and Friday soon became my favourite days of the week and my week was generally built around this two days.

Getting my first ever group ride out. Unfortunately the first and last (hopefully I get back into this).

Muffins never tasted so good.

Little did I know, instead of finding myself a club/team, I found myself a family here in Perth. A family that made Perth “home” and unfortunately had to witness my accident; a family who constantly supported me through this period.

The hardest goodbyes are those that you dont want to make. For the past 2 days, I have been making those.

Getting as much rest before Grant arrives is part of our training. #truestory

The excited and worried feeling while waiting for the workout.

Intervals have never been as fun. Thanks to you guys.

As Josh calls us. “GLDT”

Thanks Grant.
Thanks Charles.
Thanks UWATri.

Love you guys so much. Take care, train well and ride safe.

Till we meet again. And hopefully by then, I will continue to recover and get in some decent workout with you guys then.

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