Evolve to adapt, adapt to evolve

Ever since I was interviewed, I had received some mails from fellow spinal patients and they all wanted me to share some of the therapies I have been doing. I feel so much for all these people because, I really do know what it feels to be in such a state and I often admire those who have not given up even when their current medical conditions are worse than mine. This road to rehabilitation is one tough road.. I have tried everything possible, medications, botox, physio, massage, OT, cranial osteopathy, all the works. But recently, I have started a new exciting treatment.

So recently I have been visiting “this evolved place” which many has asked me about. Thought I might share a little more about this evolved place.

Evolved Exercise Solutions (aka Evolved) is the name of the clinic I have been visiting and it is a physio/personal training center. Whats most distinctive is that it has an anti-gravity treadmill.

A what? 
you sure? 
How does that work?

So.. let me do a simple introduction to the anti-gravity machine.

Step 1. You are given a space suit. Only the bottom though. 

Step 2. Put on your space bottom OVER your pants/tights. Lets try to be hygienic.

Step 3. Step into the space machine.

Step 4. Zip up, Suit up, get ready for take off.

Step 5. Reduce weight, set speed and inclination (fastest weight loss ever. I swear)

Step 6. Gentlemen, start your engines. *vroooom… brr… vrooom 

Step 7. Take a break in between if you feel like dying
Step 8. You huff and you puff and go harder and faster to better your best.


Step 9. Prepare for landing and for gravity (again).

It is that simple. Sci-fi technology that isnt supposed to be on planet Earth. ha.
I have heard of this machine in the past and it was then only made available for the world’s most elite endurance athletes. The elites would clock in their 42km long run on this machine to “spare” their legs while concentrating on the high turn over rates or when they are coming back from an injury and needed to put in some extra mileage. I have always wanted to try this! Little did I know, I would be using it in this “new, evolved” body.
negative thoughts go away*
negative thoughts go away*
negative thoughts go away* 
Ok. on a serious note, this stuff has worked well for me. I think it is a synergy of how this ties down with all my physios, strength work, gym, running drills, running sessions, biking sessions all work together. Yeah. Thats alot of things I do for a week.
I did a 2:41:21 half marathon back in Singapore before visiting Evolved and just 2 weeks later, 3 sessions in, I did a 2:38:40 at the 21km mark for my marathon. 
I guess what is so special about this is the fact that I was able to run at higher speed without putting on the weight on my knees. The “lightness” allowed me to focus on my techniques and also for me to get in some body awareness while being strapped on at a spot, not falling over even when my left stop moving and gets dragged along the treadmill. 
During my first session, I realised that I have been missing out on the flight phase of my run and I worked on it.
Subsequently, I realised how uneven my stride lengths are, with my left foot stride being smaller than my right foot stride.
I then realised my left hamstrings have not been “kicking in”, making that nice small circular motion it once produced.
I also realised that I am not using my left glutes.
and the list goes on and on and on.
hate it when running isnt natural. grrr.
we were born to run! right ? right?
Just need to get this thing back on track so that I can once again enjoy running.

and… I have resumed running training with my team.

Got totally dropped off during the warm up (Shit happens). But somehow, it made me really happy. It reminded me of the first session I ever had with the team, around 1 year ago. Got smashed and dropped off by 15 year old girls and I worked and worked till I caught up, started dropping the girls off (i know this sound damn sad. but hey, my team mates are that good alright? serious.) and starting to catch up with the boys and BAM! comes my famous bike crash…
Its ok. I told myself that I will work my way back (again). I know it is unlikely that I will ever catch up with the boys ever again. I know it will take a long time, not forgetting how tough it will be, just for me to run a decent race again.
I ain’t throwing in the towels.
Looking at doing a good 10km road race this coming September. With all the help, encouragement and love I have gotten, I might just surprise myself. Who knows? Only way to find out, is to work my ass off NOW.
Totally smashed from today’s training at the Lake. Gonna check in to Evolved tomorrow for a tempo run. Just to learn and understand my body more. To make do with what I have left and to start improving from there again.
Just to share something I learnt from training this arvo. We often set boarders for ourselves because it we think that it keeps us “safe”, so that we will not be too smashed. We set a running distance or a running pace in our minds even before we attempt to do our very best. I am currently trying to clear all the “limtations”, “pace”, “restrictions” out of the window and just focus on something really simple. 
Just got to be better than yesterday’s me. Concentrate on being BETTER.

Ending off with my favourite phrase…

Nil Sine Labore

another look at the space machine

High tech treadmill yo

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