My first walk

Was having this conversation with Shina and we started talking about the videos and pictures of me during my injury/recovery phase. So we took out our phones and started comparing the files that we had and guess what, I discovered pictures and videos of myself that I have never seen before!

So this is a video of me taking my 1st walk ever since the accident. Literally my first walk.
Its funny how I don’t really recall this. Judging from my expression, I could tell that it was hard work and I must have been focusing real hard. Maybe my brain was still in the “shut-down” mode or maybe the brain just wants to “block out” this part of the memory. I am not too sure, but I am sure happy to find this video.

Looking back, I wished I had taken more photos and videos of myself during this journey. It would have been such a great story to share with my kids or even with anyone else. I even remember my first ever photo was taken by Jason and he was scolded by others because this was some kinda bad omen. At that point in time when the photo was taken, I was 99.9% paralysed, with only the slightest of movement coming from my right thumb. I remember Jason telling off the others and said “Come on man. This picture is gonna be great one day. Zac will be able to tell everyone of his amazing recovery and how he makes his brilliant come back. We should take more photos!”
Such positive and encouraging words. Jason Tex Ah Soon, Thanks for your faith, belief and love. Indeed, this is one great story. It would have been better if I make a full recovery. So, I shall continue to work my ass off, to ensure I have the best possible ending. The cherry to top of this story eh.

Loving the “one tough cookie” bit. Thanks Tex

Its really good that I have been able to keep track of my progress. Makes me appreciate how much I have gone through and probably I dont have to be so hard on myself all the time.

On hindsight, having the ability to go some like jogging is really a blessing now and I thank God for my second chance.

BTW. I have a secret adventure coming soon.
Its gonna be legend-wait-for-it-dary! =)
Stay tune to this space. I am gonna surprise everyone. Hopefully even myself. haha!
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