Day out.. Because of Injury

It’s been a long since I have been so slack..  No school..  No work..   No training.. 
Yes.  No training..  Because..  I *toot* my lower back nerve and it’s killing me even as I move my butt along my chair.  Its killing me even as I slack at home and watch #survivor or #runningman . Really horrible.
One of the worse injuries thus far.  My masseuse told me to swim to relief the back pain and also to keep my aerobic capacity up.  Guess what? The pain worsen.  Today..  They became sharp electric pain.  Goodness..  I hope after tomorrow’s massage session everything will be alright. Goodness.. 

I really want to race #sundown #marathon badly. Want to run my first ever big race in Singapore. Just hope now tt I can recover in time and that God will give me this chance to perform.

Anyways.  So here I am at vivo city carrying my new bag..  A #freitag..  Slacking my ass off..  Reading and drinking my favourite green tea latte.  #starbucks ftw! Haha..