How it all began

As im on my way to macritchie for my “break”, I reflect on how much my life has changed since I set foot onto this wonderful playground.

2 years ago I was first brought here by classmate to improve my running mehanics, build some strength and to save my legs from the consistent concrete poundings I receive on a regular basis (it wasnt everyday at tt time).

I used to be excited about coming to macitchie tt I would get up way earlier than the meeting time to prepare for the workout. Now. Im just taking my time and sometimes I “overslept”. It has become part of my routine.  Eh. But I will still make it here to run ok.. haha..

my friends used to ask me “why punish your body?”
My reply was always “because it makes me feel alive”

Truly. I love the pain from running. What makes me love it even more now is the feeling of being set free when I run. No ropes. No boundaries.  No rules.  Just fly. Body mind and soul all in one distinct unit. Sound body. Sound mind. Shioks. 

Gonna head out to the trails and enjoy my morning.

God bless :)