Getting started. Again.

Well well.. i took an unexpected long break ever since my return kobe. Almost 1 month of low intensity or no workouts at all.
As i mentioned. It is unexpected. Why? Because…. ..  i went to play soccer and got myself injured quite badly. It was so serious that i couldnt fully extend my back for almost a week and when i have “recovered”.. it took me about half a week to get my aerobic system working well again. Oh my goodness.. what a nightmare.
Lesson to be learnt.. no more sports (as much ad possible) for 2013. Yeah..a little early in the year to stop all these fun activities. I knkw right.. well, but if it keeps me injury free, i think it is worth it.

And so. Today was my first hardcore session again. maybe because it is a new workout, maybe i have been out for too long, maybe im still not totally recovered, maybe.. maybe..
Bottom line was i died today. Like concussed on bed for 3 hours after workout kind and now, as i am out trying to settle my university ‘s administration issues… im kinda zonked out. Zz..

Lets give myself 2 weeks to adapt to thus workout. Time to go ever harder for 2013.
I have not been so hungry for a while. Time to do my best.


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