We, the people with tattoos

We, the people with tattoos, are often misunderstood and are often irritated by certain things other say. Here’s some scenarios.

1. I was out for my sports massage.
Masseuse: can you take off your shirt?
Me: ok
Masseuse: haiyo. What’s all these?!?!

Seriously. What else u think?  Birth marks ar?

During the massage,
Masseuse: hey. If I put the oil on and rjb, the ink wont come off hor? Haha..

its like me touching ur boobs and saying “hey. I hope those are not fakes and they wont burst or break while u walk. Haha.”
Get the drift? Ass wipes.

2. When someone keeps quiet when asked about his/her tattoos.

Hey. Some tattoos are there for personal reasons. Hey wait. Almost all tattoos are there for personal reasons. May it be a memory or reminder. It is something for life. Something serious. It is not like ur liquid eyeliner that u bought from the Mac counter and u remove it when u are done. The tattoos are there for a reason. So when the person doesn’t want to tell u why or what the tattoo means, shut the hell up. Cause u are not worth the info. Dont be some smart Alec and say “whatever comes to your mind ” only to end it off with a “heehee..  just joking”.

3. Eh? What word is that? Cannot read leh.

If u can’t read it , Dont act like u know and attempt to pronounce or to say the tattoo is badly done. Its like telling some Korean thirty plastic surgery is badly done and they looked better before the surgery. or their plastic nose is crooked. or their boobies are lopsided.

Super irritating to know that there are such people with misunderstanding and have such “funny” chats with us, With regards to our tattoos.

Really… hai… 

Thanks everyone :)

Thanks everyone who has wished me well on this special day of mine. All the msges really made me feel so loved. Yeah!!

Well well, i would like to take this oppotunity to thank the people who had watched me grew up and had tided me through all my  “down times”.

It is really heart warming to know that my friends are comstantly there for me. hopefully it is because i havent been too bad a friend either! :]

And of course for my family who has always been there for me. Regardless of my nonsense.

For more good and bad times.
For more awesome Rocking good times..
Thank you  :)

Getting started. Again.

Well well.. i took an unexpected long break ever since my return kobe. Almost 1 month of low intensity or no workouts at all.
As i mentioned. It is unexpected. Why? Because…. ..  i went to play soccer and got myself injured quite badly. It was so serious that i couldnt fully extend my back for almost a week and when i have “recovered”.. it took me about half a week to get my aerobic system working well again. Oh my goodness.. what a nightmare.
Lesson to be learnt.. no more sports (as much ad possible) for 2013. Yeah..a little early in the year to stop all these fun activities. I knkw right.. well, but if it keeps me injury free, i think it is worth it.

And so. Today was my first hardcore session again. maybe because it is a new workout, maybe i have been out for too long, maybe im still not totally recovered, maybe.. maybe..
Bottom line was i died today. Like concussed on bed for 3 hours after workout kind and now, as i am out trying to settle my university ‘s administration issues… im kinda zonked out. Zz..

Lets give myself 2 weeks to adapt to thus workout. Time to go ever harder for 2013.
I have not been so hungry for a while. Time to do my best.