my new hobby!

My friends have been playing cars for some time now. Modifying the exhaust and whatever not to have a better torque or lightening the car in order to have a better engine efficiency. They have gotten me so amused and involved in this hobby that I am a true JDM (Japanese Domestic Massmarket ) supporter now. All the front wheel drive vs rear wheel drive, uphill vs downhill speed racing in Initial D has gotten me so excited and so in love with cars. They just seem to operate like the human body. The engine is the heart, the torque is like one ‘s explosive strength, the way the engine ravs is like how a person takes lactic..
Wait. This is racing. This is Marathon running!
I just discovered this connection. This amazing connection. All along I have been trying to lose weight while my friend has been trying make his car lighter. The ability to take on more lactic (higher cadence) is just like having a more high rev engine. the front wheel drive is just like forefoot running. Plyometrics is like having a more sensitive accelerator pedal with more torque. Aerobic capacity is like  the friction on the wheels..
But of course, the technical skill of the driver should never be under estimated. Just as the technique of a good and efficient runner should always be the foundation. After all, this is a race of 42000 steps.  Every single step counts.
Racing has just gotten a whole lot more interesting.  The training sessions feel like it’s a time I send the car to the workshop for “upgrades”.
Time to zeng me.
Let’s go 2013.
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