since august. I have been getting ready for Kobe marathon. and everything that has got to do with it was with the #roadtokobe2012 tag.

tonight is the last night I will spend in Japan 2012. hopefully everything will do well and I will be back in Japan sooner than I know it. really love the place, the people, the language, the weather and yes, some might argue, the radiation.

during this trip. I have foster new friendships with akiko san and Jeremy. and met Mr tadashi again. buddy kaifen has gone through another milestone with me, going through at least another 60km with me here in Osaka and Kobe. good friend Alicia kept us company and fought through the cold for us. both my buddy and I did our PB. and it’s really an amazing feeling to achieve it at a place with such huge support from the organisers #asics and from local and from friends who are physically here and back home in sg the constant well wishes aided me alot when I was struggling. thank God for every pleasant and unpleasant event in life.

to celebrate our PBs,  we went to have our kobe beef and visited the sake brewery to drink sake in the cold Kobe weather. shiok max.

more work has to be done. alot more determination and hardwork.. with lots and lots of pain and lactate waiting for me. well, I chose this path. no regrets.

nil sine labore.
hope I did VS proud.

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new tarthers!

I am an eccentric person with lots of different “rituals” for different events.
I am just “pang tang” or superstitious. 
Well, never hurt to get that “extra little bit of luck” right? hahaha!
I always believe the location of where my shoe first step foot on is important. so ie, i used to break into my new basketball shoes when i am only on the courts that i like/ have chosen. I will bring them in my bag and wear it when i am alrdy on the court. So that “first step” it makes is on a “good location”. haha. 
yes. i am that superstitious.
So, after walking around Umeda (Osaka), i finally gotten myself a new pair of racers.
no doubts. If its not asics japan, i might as well kill myself. haha!
My beloved Tarther. 
Why are you so hard to find?!?! *cries*
So here are some pics of my sexy lady 

I LOVE the sole.
the traction tarther produces is like no other. you really have to try it to feel the difference.
To me, this is my favourite model, my choice of weapon for racing.
Tarthers FTW!

(ps. too bad singapore doesnt have it. oh wait. i think asics singapore just brought in ds tarthers. you can check them out =p )

Besides the new shoe “setting foot” on the ideal location, i will always always always…. 
rah rah RAH. haa!

its time for to eat my breakkie and get ready for my first training in Japan! 
So gonna enjoy the 11 degrees training climate. haha..
mata ne! 

love and peace

a rainy day’s run

it sure was pouring this afternoon.
i had half a mind to call off training for today. But knowing that my marathon is in 3 weeks time… it makes me really uneasy to skip a training.. especially the long run.
so. i put on my asics ds trainers. wore my long body suit and i hit the road as the rain pours on me.
Before i could reach 2km, my feet were soaked wet and i can hear the sound that i hated so much “squash squash squash…”… sucks.

My running route today was the standard ritual route i will take before important races. A route to keep my faith going. A route that helps me every single second during the race. A route back to VS. The school that has given me so much.

Maybe its the rain. Maybe i wasnt feeling well. Maybe its just me…
Lots and lots of thoughts surface today. thats very usual for me.

I thought about my dearest dearest basketball peeps. Lennard.. Yida.. Jeremy.. Marcus… Evans.. Abra.. Ben.. Sherman.. and the rest of the team… Those that have been with me since i started running. Those that have given me such a wonderful memory. Tomorrow is the start of a war that you guys need to fight. I told Lennard that i will be fighting my own battle in Japan. Remember bros. We never give up. We may not be the best. But. WE NEVER GIVE UP. I know with this attitude, it will drive us higher and better every single day. Please.. please.. do not give up just yet. Do not be proud. Do not be complacent. Do not stop. Till the final second. You have absolute control over your battle. We will fight together, in our own battles.. and we will make each other proud. we will give our very best. we will do ourselves and our team mates proud.

I thought about the my fellow Victorians who has done the school proud. The very people i have always admired. The people who are truly “Sportsman, Gentlemen and Professional”. Recently, i had received a few blessings from the cross-country school mates. They encouraging me to race hard and to “keep the flag unfurled”. I hope i will do as well as they did. But one thing i know. NIL SINE LABORE. nothing without labour. The very words that drive through me training every single day. Hopefully. I will do well in kobe later this month.

and.. I thought about my running buddy. How we are gonna troll through the streets of Kobe in our awesome ASICS attire. How we are out-do ourselves. WE WILL DO IT.

of course. i thought of you. but it just seemed so far. but that is gonna be another story for another day. haha..

in conclusion. i just need to do my best. out-do myself and give my best. simple hor? hahahah! dafuq.

I believe miracles do happen.
When God is on your side.

love and peace.