Measuring your breakfast

often than not, we look at the back of a cereal box and we compare the calorie content of each brand and each flavor to find the “healthiest” cereal.
general rule of thumb is to consume “whole meal cereal with low fat milk” preferably with “high fiber”. guess everyone’s already an expert when it comes to this. what might be lacking if the measurement of a standard “portion”.
a portion of a cereal can be found on the same calories diagram (eg. 30g). so when more than a portion is consumed, it is as good as having an up-sized meal. thus resulting in more calories intake and may not be as healthy as oneed might have anticipated.

so.. now, I am about to teach everyone a simple measuring technique to make sure every breakfast is about 1 serving. :)

grab a regular mug (please.. no big ass mugs allowed) and fill it with the cereal of your choice till 3/4 full. this should be around 33g which results in a standard portion of breakfast. only then will a person be consuming the promised 114kcalories written on the box.

just to take note. 1kcal = 1000 calories
and 1KJ is not the same as 1Kcal. so stick to either kj or kcal. which ever you are more comfortable with. I personally count based on kcal. (more towards Australian standards)

stay strong, stay healthy and..
have your breakfast! this should help everyone in weight management!

especially you ar Cat. eat urban breakkie :)

take care & god speed.


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well well. yesterday was one of the most excitig and enjoyable day i’ve had in a long time.

and so. yesterday was cam whore day. haha.. i did a photoshoot for one of the online store. so.. its reallt been some time i’ve come under the pamper of the camera.

to do the shoot, i had to wake up earlier than my usual timing to go to work. surprisingly right? didnt know modelling so xiong.

i started packing my clothes. because i am accompany a female lead in this shoot, i had tk make sure i dont “over-shine” her or the products. so i’ve decided to go barefoot (since they sell footware too). afterall, we are going to my favourite location to shoot. SENTOSA! WOOOHOOOO…. ♡sun ♥sand :)

bag full of clothings…
bag full of accessories.


it was initially drizzling as the crew was making our way into sentosa, but thankfully the rain stopped and we were able to set up camp and prepare for the shoot. eating our packed breakkie and going to the toilet… touching up on make up.. and we’re all set to shoot!!

our camp

beach shoot! wooohoooo!!!

all set to shoot wor!

the shoot was really really very fun. im nonsemse as usual. doing stupid things.. coming up with silly ideas and honestly.. just being myself. i know the camera loves meeeee :)

so here sre some sneak previews of the shoot. super super nice. super feel like we’re in love. eh. professionalism… hahaha!! dont play play ar.. 2 cam whores can really create very nice pics one wor.. oh oh.. of course our brilliant photographer couple. they are so funny.. so entertaining and so professional. this is definitely why the shoot was so efficient and fun!! ^^

hopefully this shoot will make this collection a huge sellout yo!