the fall

hasnt had the best of luck recently :(

on wednesday, while conducting my PE lesson, i slipped and fell, crashed into a pillar and gave myself a deep cut. initially, i thought the cut was manageable and and i continued running. after 800m or so, i felt increasingly pain with every step. hence, i stopped running and walked back towards my PE dept. as i was walking back, i realised the portion of my exposed socks were soaked blood red and i saw streams of blood flowing down my shin. “bad news” i thought.
i reached for my first aid kit and wanting to dress myself, only to realised the cut was so big and deep that i actually saw my bone.

“damn, what should i do”.. i forced the muscles together and bind them tightly with the bandage and i iced it immediately to prevent further bleeding.. and i requested to be sent to the doctor asap.

so as always, i went through my phone book, dialed a few numbers and got myself a doctor waiting for me just down the road from my school.

i received 3 big stitches and was asked not to run for 1 week.

totally depressed man. no running.. arrrggghhh!!! so i kinda cheated. im biking now as im typing. haha!!

My blood red socks

my bandaged leg after the stitching..

the swelling wound and the 3 big stitches. scarred for life. but ok la. part and parcel of life right? ya..

cant wait for 1 week to be up so i can running and stop biking!! arrgghhh!! hate biking

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