tea chapter, my new studying place!

yesterday was my off day from internship and i decided to have a relaxing afternoon out. so i headed towards neil road to have korean lunch. its awesome man. awesome..

as i was walking around, i came across a store that i had visited as a kid. like literally a 7 year old child.. really amazed to see this store still standing strong. Tea Chapter!

and so i proceeded to the 2nd story and ordered myself a pot of tea to enjoy the afternoon..

looks really cosy and traditional. really a very nice change from the hectic city life that we are so often bombarded with.

beautiful colour of the tea under the reflection. so zen.. haha..

plugged in my power cable and tada! time to surf net and enjoy my tea!! heehee..

there is actually a “tea master” that will show u the proper way of tea appreciation. and sad to say, i am really bad at it. haha!! but definitely a new experience for me :)

so this is where all the different type of teas are kept. really very traditional. me likey!!

to top things off, i had a dessert! pu’er tea jelly. really refreshing and something different! i felt so “healthy”! ho ho ho..

a picture of the boss looking at some of the stuff i was doing. really nice, good looking man. very good communicator too!

really had a very good relaxing and nice experience. shall go back often to study! :)

u guys can give it a try yo!


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