Pre-race mental training

Here some routines that i go through before my races that I would love to share with all runners, especially my fellow SRJCians. All the best for the upcoming Will Run! =)


Days before and even till moments before the race, i will visualise the race route in my head. (Of course i have done my research and checked out the race route, even if it is an overseas race!) I will picture myself running in “perfect form”, hitting the bends hard, adjusting my body to weave through human traffic and even how i will draft other runners then moving in for the “overdrive” when the time is right. I will picture myself running through all the “tough” portion of the race, eg. upslopes and choke points.

During the actual race, i will not be taken by surprise or be impatient as i have rehearsed the race many times in my head, in all posible senarios (good and bad). This boosts my self-efficacy and my confidence of reaching my goal.


Constantly reminding myself that I am a marathon runner and i am good at what i do: run. Our minds operate in the present so the more we tell ourselves something, even if it is not yet true, the faster our mind believes it and begins working now to make that affirmation a reality.

Every season i have a quote for myself. I will constantly repeat this quote whenever i feel jaded or tired during training or racing. Last season, the quote was “every single step counts“. This season the quote is something i came up with and i think it is awesome =) “my determination has no equal“.

Find a quote for yourself. Repeat it in your head. Know that you can break all limits as long as you do not restrict your mind.

Block the Negative

Irregardless how many times i have ran a marathon/ half marathon/ 10km, there will be a time when the negativity creeps in. The evil that prevents me from performing well…..

i am so tired…
the weather is too hot…
i need some water…

oh gosh.. the person in front has stopped. maybe i should stop too…
half way done.. omg.. 21km more to go… arggghhh..
my feet is killing me…

sound familiar? I face these as often as anyone out there. The difference? I block them out as soon as possible. I zone myself back in again and tell myself that i wanna race with no regrets.
I will repeat my quote to give me strength and to re-focus myself.
my determination has no equal..
my determinaiton has no equal… 
my determination has no equal!

I had visualised myself encountering such moments. I have pushed through and overcame them in my mind numerous times. Thus, I know I will overcome it in reality.
I remind myself that the decision to push through is correct. I have faith in myself. Becuase. I have trained too hard to give up on this day.

Block out the negativity and bring yourself back into the zone. This is the time when you may feel your “second wind”.

and my last words to all SRJCians before our 2012 “unstoppable” Will Run:


Time to rock and roll


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