internship at srjc

and so.. 5 weeks of internship is coming to an end. honestly, i cant bear to put an end to this. i am having so much fun and i have made so much awesome memories.

recalling back at my first day of internship, where the was so much awkwardness between me and the rest of the staff room till today where we are able to joke around and even share some personal issues with each other. =)
special thanks to those that came to make everything so much better for me. you know who u are! :)

SRJC has developed into a running school and every single staff and student is so ever motivated to run and clock the distance. It has truly developed into a school which i am proud to be a part of. Probably that is because i have become a marathon runner. nevertheless, having a school tradition and school spirit is something that was truly lacking during my time.. so this is a great step forward!

During this period of time, i was assigned to the new cca, runners’ club. As always, the first few sessions with the students are very never easy as they do not open up to me. However, i am glad that as the sessions continue, their running mechanics got better and their personal best has been improved. With that, they started to trust my training more, opened up more and i have definitely built new friendship with students of runners’ club. It is really an awesome experience.

The main event during this internship is definitely the will run. It is a 75min race for the boys and 90 mins race for the girls where students attempt to clock the maximum mileage possible. For every km covered, a $1 donation is given to the school, in which a portion of it will be donated to charity.

My basketball boys have all been running hard during the PE lessons to build up to a good race. i am certain they will do well and that they will do me proud. i have faith in them. Boys, remember that i have never doubt your abilities. so, do not limit urself. jiayou for the upcoming A division!

Since the PE department has duties to fulfill during the actual race, we have done our will run separately from the rest of the school. yesterday was my run. to be honest, the distance i clocked wasnt good enough for a celebration. but i would like to dedicate my run to my beloved basketballers, runners’ club and my pe class. You guys really do mean something to me and i really enjoyed every moment i have spent with you! :)

and of course i would like to thank asics 😉 Heres my sexy blue racer! vroom vroom!

all good things come to an end. it is the ending that makes everything in life so special and precious.

i will miss SRJC.
i have began to like SRJC.


love u peeps.

nil sine labore

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