do not wallow in self-pity

successful people make choices not sacrifices.

thinking of “sacrifices” will only add up to more negative vibes instead of positive vibes, which is the initial idea when we first begin our journey. we all want to have head towards a better and more positive future dont we?

so here are some thinking i personally think we should have, in order to eliminate any thoughts that sacrifices are being made as we embark on our journey:

remind ourselves why we embark in the journey in the first place

telling ourselves that it will all be worth it

being clear that this the right decision

have a good support team to reassure us that it is all worth it

focusing on all the positive things that we have achieved and put the journey into perspective against our old lives

thinking about how much more control we have over our old lives and how much more fulfilled we have felt since we had embarked on our mission

all these are easier said than done.
i have written all the “answers” and will be reading them every now and then as i am my best motivator and this is a decision i have made for myself. i am
proud of it.

onwards and never back down. more positivity and effective communications with others can prove to be a very important element.

time for me to be even more discipline as i move closer to kobe marathon 2012.

2012 is gonna be a fantastic and extraordinary year for me.

may god bless me and japan.

ROAD TO OSAKA 2012 begins now.

Zac Leow

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