PE Teacher

And so.. My internship has started and I have opted to be a PE Teacher in one of the Junior College. It may be a very shocking choice to many (including me) but my family seemed to be have expected me embarking on this “teaching path”. After all, I do come from a rich family line of teachers. Looks like its time to do a GTX. Great Teacher Xiang. Haha..

The night before, I was messaging one of my boys and we were crapping about how weird it would be for me to be a teacher. He even reminded me to “not wear my jersey/singlet”. Talk about learning from the younger generations right? Haha..

My first day was surprisingly pleasing! Superb. Haha.. The moment I stepped into school, students started to say hi to me on a very personal term. And for my first female PE class, I actually really nervous. First time dealing with the female counterparts la.. Kan chiong.. So.. A familiar “Zac!!” broke the ice And made me feel at home once again. My female basketball captain was in that PE group of mine and she chatted with me throughout the whole lesson. Super nice.. :)

Later on, my basketball boys actually came to the PE department to look for me. Felt So welcome.. :)

Ok. Time for me to finish my coffee and walk into the school! Oh oh.. I don’t have to attend assembly! They told me Japanese are excused. Don’t know why.. HAAHA!!!

Zac Leow

its been almost a year. and it still hurts.


i have learnt this a twice in my life….
lets hope, i dont get a third..