my 1 year with SRJC

1 year ago i took up a new challenge, I became the coach for SRJC basketball boys.
Through this year, i have learnt so much.
so much about my studies
so much about understanding reality vs textbook
so much about communication
so much about commitment
so much about myself
so much about how to handle my new found “power”
hey. with greater power comes greater responsibility right? =p

I must admit, there are certain moments in this short 1 year career that i totally felt that i should have done better. Luckily, Ms Rivera is always there to guide me. To my own surprise, i actually understand why she make certain decision and why she scolds for certain issues. THIS. i never understand any of that when i was a student. I am really glad to have Ms Rivera by my side, guiding me and sharing with me all the wonderful experiences. Truly a blessing.

Now, the best thing that made this job so damn wonderful is my Boys.
I know they hate it when i call them BOYS. but hey. i would gladly accept it if someone was to call me a “ah boy” rather than telling their kids to “叫 uncle”. And they really made me feel like im a dad. watching them develop, learn, become so much more than the first day i saw them..  In addition, I have a wonderful Captain and Vice Captain that has helped me in many many decision makings as well as to keep the team knitted.

Unfortunately, our journey in the A division has ended. I really wished i had more experience and had better communication skills to bring out more in them. I really hope that i could have given more. This is the team that i will never ever forget and this team will always be so special and they just mean so much to me.. I really wanna thank the boys for bringing me along this journey. for sharing with me the joy and the passion of playing basketball all over again. I truly love you guys from the bottom of my heart. I love the team.

these letters just made my own 1 year worth it. Better than any of the fan mails i have received over the years. seriously.
And as of today, i have officially extended my time with the team for an additional year. 
May god bless me with the wisdom to lead the team so that they will not go through such heartache in the upcoming season.
ok. boys. as always. 

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