Filming… *phew* hard work

Early in the morning 6 o clock~
Xiang and his girlfriend go pat tor~

Ya right. If only that was true. *grumbles*

well wells, i didnt catch an hours worth of sleep the night before because i was busy rooting for bayern to win the Champions League and to keep Chelsea consistent with their DREAM. So apparently, it is a reality now. Sheesh. But credits must be given to chelsea for anything after the 85th minute was worth watching and supporting. Before that was plain “parking aeroplane” ok. Zzz.. Waste my life.. Haha..

Anyways, for the main event for this post, i went in early to mediacorp to get my makeup done at freaking 7am an set out to our shooting location. To my amusement, i was at the void deck of my bro, DeehellSix. Haha..
I only knew what was gonna be shot when i reached the set (obviously someone hasnt been reading his script) and to my dismay there was a fight scene! Oh my god.. Im so totally not prepared to film a fight scene. Not today.. Not without studying the script.. And it so didnt help when the person im fighting against is the veteran 李南星. Get whack only. Zzz..

See the mattress? Thats for simon. I got body slammed without a mattress. Zzz..
I have a new found respect for the action crew, stunt man included. They are amazing. They will put their body on the line just to make the main character look good. Oh man. So totally not me. Haha..

And so we finally that particular scene and we went for early lunch while the rest went on to another onset location. So the three of paraded inside thomas plaza w out weird makeup an costume. Totally got stared at. Totally. Like totally TOTALLY.

After some short naps, food and COFFEE (oh boy. Its like my best fren all over again), we joined the rest of the crew and went to this huge ass landed property to shoot.

Shooting for today was badly overran and we had to extend our shooting timings and everyone’s fuse was getting shorter as the temperature escalated through the unmerciful afternoon. Pierre had the worst costume available for such a humid and hot day. PVC leather pants and PVC long sleeve rocker jacket. He was literally bathing in his sweat. He was really very professional regarding the situation and did his job well. Solid.

Me on the other hand wasnt doing very well w no-sleep and no caffeine.. So i called upon an ergogenic aid which i seldom use.. PEPSI! Arrrrggg.. The cold fizzy feeling topped up w the caffeine is indeed life saving.

Heres a look at my beautiful sexy bass once again. Oh oh. Of course im a rocker even when im acting. Rock n roll is forever!! m/

Remember this sticker? :)

Fond memories. This is where it all started..

Ok. So after long tiring day at work, i had my favourit-est chicken rice at bishan!! 2 bowls of rice just for me!! Weeeee!!!

Acting is seriously not a simple job. A simple “walk in scene” and i ng like super alot of times. Totally didnt know it was like this. Pierre still disturbed me and said “welcome to my world”. I totally replied “ya. Knn screwed up” and we both laughed. Haha.. Really nice guy :)

Alrighty. Shall talk more filming if i get the chance to ya? :)

God bless and peace


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  1. seriously I believed the "got stared at" portion.. hahaha.. people must be trying to avoid the 3 of you just in case they get themselves into trouble.. heh..

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