Defining “Health” and “Fitness”

“Health” and “Fitness”.
These 2 jargons are usually used together as one term, “health and fitness” but in actual fact, they are of 2 complete different meaning.

One can be fit but not healthy or to be healthy and not fit, and also the most often known, fit and healthy.

So what is “Fitness” and what is “healthy”?
Fitness can be defined as the capacity to carry out one’s daily activity without feeling fatigue. Healthy can then be defined as the general condition of a person’s body, mind and spirit, being free from illness, injury or pain.

simply put, as long as i feel tired from my daily activities (not inclusive of sudden activities such as camps or sudden participation in sports), i am considered as unfit. If i am injured due to sports/exercise or feeling discomfort in my body or uneasiness in my mind, i am unhealthy.

so.. how “fit” should an individual be? It boils down to how active an individual is and what the individual wants to achieve. As for me, i want to be able to train hard, yet have the energy to do my activities such as filming singing, recording and studying. So.. needa let my body slowly adapt to the situation and bite on hard to the situation and push on while watching my rest and nutrition intake. (look for my previous post on “lean mean machine”)

Being healthy is the fundamental of all human. To be able to live through life without pain and suffering. Especially if we are at a young age. Some people reply on religion for the “zen-ness” while others used exercise as a way to keep their anger management in check. which ever method works best for you, continue doing it. Just gotta be careful to stay clear of injury and not to push your body over the limit. Listen to your body. Listen to it to make sure it is risk free.

Hope this post will help everyone understand how a marathon racer can be considered unhealthy and why the boy with pinkish cheeks can be considered unfit.

hence, in conclusion, i am unfit. i needa get fitter soon!
hope to see u at the finishing line.

Do not stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.


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