asics hypergel 33

my personal review on asics hypergel 33!!

What do i look for in a shoe?
Comfort, stability, “feel” of the road.

Comfort : 8/10
Stability : 6.5/10
feel : 7/10

Personally, i am a midfoot/forefoot runner.. i love the feel of the road, every stone on the ground, every bump on the road… makes running feels so.. alive =)
 Feeling the road provides me with feedback while im on the run. Do i push off more, “craw” more or dorsi/plantar more.
Usually, the more cushion there is for the shoe, the lower the feel. However, the asics hypergel 33 manages to get a good mix of feel and cushioning. Loving every single run i have with it.

This is the one and only pair in singapore at the moment. So please be patient and wait for it to be in stores near ya ok? haha..
Oh oh oh. and this colour.. is not for sale. =p

<3 asics

heres a video of the shoe in action. weeeeeeeee~~~

will be doing reviews on all my running shoes starting from now ya? stay tune for more review!


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