A day in JB

Wells. Since i have go through this tough day anyways.. Might as well spend it w friends.. So i got up early (yet again) to make my move to “truly asia” malaysia.

Look! Olympics is coming right up! :) lots of sporting events to watch! And of course, i will be really interested to see if anyone can break the world record this year and i hopin that ryan hall (usa) will get his new pb. Kinda like him. Heehee..

What kinda JB trip would it be if we were to go without the awesome abalone yong tau fu!!

Yummy!! :)

Ordered this special drink. Its not sugar cane wor.. Its called “ba long long”. Does anyone out there knows what is its english name? Let me know ok? Its really my favourite drink in malaysia. Another must have! Hee

Here we are, on our way outta JB and check out the guys busy msging.. Hot property eh.. Haha.. Beep beep beep*

Heres a pic of me and my new specs! Fang da tong yo!


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