What does it symbolize?
This is a question that i get pretty much.

Basically, im rather certain that now when anyone sees “6699” they think of me.

This is a very special number i gave myself a long time ago and i’ve been sticking to it since then.

I told my fans the reason why its “6699” and not “69” or “666” a long time ago. I doubt they still remember it now. The media industry is ever-changing and fans come and go. And they go especially when u are no longer performing. Sad truth. But i dont blame them. I blame myself.

Guess no one will ever know the true meaning behind it. It has now become my personal secret and i will prolly only share it w the people that are really close or meant something to me.

Tattoo onto my body, inked into my flesh, embedded in my life.
I am 6699.


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  1. new fans will replace those who go. media industry, if you can see a familiar face, you know she/he is the one who will stick on regardless which band you're in or what you're doing. ((:

    life goes on. (:

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