asics hypergel 33

my personal review on asics hypergel 33!!

What do i look for in a shoe?
Comfort, stability, “feel” of the road.

Comfort : 8/10
Stability : 6.5/10
feel : 7/10

Personally, i am a midfoot/forefoot runner.. i love the feel of the road, every stone on the ground, every bump on the road… makes running feels so.. alive =)
 Feeling the road provides me with feedback while im on the run. Do i push off more, “craw” more or dorsi/plantar more.
Usually, the more cushion there is for the shoe, the lower the feel. However, the asics hypergel 33 manages to get a good mix of feel and cushioning. Loving every single run i have with it.

This is the one and only pair in singapore at the moment. So please be patient and wait for it to be in stores near ya ok? haha..
Oh oh oh. and this colour.. is not for sale. =p

<3 asics

heres a video of the shoe in action. weeeeeeeee~~~

will be doing reviews on all my running shoes starting from now ya? stay tune for more review!


Defining “Health” and “Fitness”

“Health” and “Fitness”.
These 2 jargons are usually used together as one term, “health and fitness” but in actual fact, they are of 2 complete different meaning.

One can be fit but not healthy or to be healthy and not fit, and also the most often known, fit and healthy.

So what is “Fitness” and what is “healthy”?
Fitness can be defined as the capacity to carry out one’s daily activity without feeling fatigue. Healthy can then be defined as the general condition of a person’s body, mind and spirit, being free from illness, injury or pain.

simply put, as long as i feel tired from my daily activities (not inclusive of sudden activities such as camps or sudden participation in sports), i am considered as unfit. If i am injured due to sports/exercise or feeling discomfort in my body or uneasiness in my mind, i am unhealthy.

so.. how “fit” should an individual be? It boils down to how active an individual is and what the individual wants to achieve. As for me, i want to be able to train hard, yet have the energy to do my activities such as filming singing, recording and studying. So.. needa let my body slowly adapt to the situation and bite on hard to the situation and push on while watching my rest and nutrition intake. (look for my previous post on “lean mean machine”)

Being healthy is the fundamental of all human. To be able to live through life without pain and suffering. Especially if we are at a young age. Some people reply on religion for the “zen-ness” while others used exercise as a way to keep their anger management in check. which ever method works best for you, continue doing it. Just gotta be careful to stay clear of injury and not to push your body over the limit. Listen to your body. Listen to it to make sure it is risk free.

Hope this post will help everyone understand how a marathon racer can be considered unhealthy and why the boy with pinkish cheeks can be considered unfit.

hence, in conclusion, i am unfit. i needa get fitter soon!
hope to see u at the finishing line.

Do not stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.


how to be a lean mean machine!

Want to be a lean mean machine? Burn the road as you run instead of melting yourself into the road?
Its time to do something.
Recently, my buddy and I have started watching our diets and it has proved to be a worthy investment of our disciplined. He has shed more than 10kg (and its still dropping) and i have shed 6kg since i came back from japan. 
Yes. Even me. Bet you guys didnt know that i can get any thinner or lighter. But yes, i need to, as carrying all the additional weight over 42km is seriously no joke. every 100g matters to me. I am currently maintaining my weight at 65.5kg which i very satisfied with. 
Basically how our “diet” started was purely based on the things we researched and read on articles as well as books. To my surprise, Men’s Health USA actually did a write-up on everything we have come up with. In a much neater, more presentable manner. so i have decided to share theirs with everyone.
its time. the time is now.
its time we kick ass..
we lean mean machines.

A day in JB

Wells. Since i have go through this tough day anyways.. Might as well spend it w friends.. So i got up early (yet again) to make my move to “truly asia” malaysia.

Look! Olympics is coming right up! :) lots of sporting events to watch! And of course, i will be really interested to see if anyone can break the world record this year and i hopin that ryan hall (usa) will get his new pb. Kinda like him. Heehee..

What kinda JB trip would it be if we were to go without the awesome abalone yong tau fu!!

Yummy!! :)

Ordered this special drink. Its not sugar cane wor.. Its called “ba long long”. Does anyone out there knows what is its english name? Let me know ok? Its really my favourite drink in malaysia. Another must have! Hee

Here we are, on our way outta JB and check out the guys busy msging.. Hot property eh.. Haha.. Beep beep beep*

Heres a pic of me and my new specs! Fang da tong yo!


Filming… *phew* hard work

Early in the morning 6 o clock~
Xiang and his girlfriend go pat tor~

Ya right. If only that was true. *grumbles*

well wells, i didnt catch an hours worth of sleep the night before because i was busy rooting for bayern to win the Champions League and to keep Chelsea consistent with their DREAM. So apparently, it is a reality now. Sheesh. But credits must be given to chelsea for anything after the 85th minute was worth watching and supporting. Before that was plain “parking aeroplane” ok. Zzz.. Waste my life.. Haha..

Anyways, for the main event for this post, i went in early to mediacorp to get my makeup done at freaking 7am an set out to our shooting location. To my amusement, i was at the void deck of my bro, DeehellSix. Haha..
I only knew what was gonna be shot when i reached the set (obviously someone hasnt been reading his script) and to my dismay there was a fight scene! Oh my god.. Im so totally not prepared to film a fight scene. Not today.. Not without studying the script.. And it so didnt help when the person im fighting against is the veteran 李南星. Get whack only. Zzz..

See the mattress? Thats for simon. I got body slammed without a mattress. Zzz..
I have a new found respect for the action crew, stunt man included. They are amazing. They will put their body on the line just to make the main character look good. Oh man. So totally not me. Haha..

And so we finally that particular scene and we went for early lunch while the rest went on to another onset location. So the three of paraded inside thomas plaza w out weird makeup an costume. Totally got stared at. Totally. Like totally TOTALLY.

After some short naps, food and COFFEE (oh boy. Its like my best fren all over again), we joined the rest of the crew and went to this huge ass landed property to shoot.

Shooting for today was badly overran and we had to extend our shooting timings and everyone’s fuse was getting shorter as the temperature escalated through the unmerciful afternoon. Pierre had the worst costume available for such a humid and hot day. PVC leather pants and PVC long sleeve rocker jacket. He was literally bathing in his sweat. He was really very professional regarding the situation and did his job well. Solid.

Me on the other hand wasnt doing very well w no-sleep and no caffeine.. So i called upon an ergogenic aid which i seldom use.. PEPSI! Arrrrggg.. The cold fizzy feeling topped up w the caffeine is indeed life saving.

Heres a look at my beautiful sexy bass once again. Oh oh. Of course im a rocker even when im acting. Rock n roll is forever!! m/

Remember this sticker? :)

Fond memories. This is where it all started..

Ok. So after long tiring day at work, i had my favourit-est chicken rice at bishan!! 2 bowls of rice just for me!! Weeeee!!!

Acting is seriously not a simple job. A simple “walk in scene” and i ng like super alot of times. Totally didnt know it was like this. Pierre still disturbed me and said “welcome to my world”. I totally replied “ya. Knn screwed up” and we both laughed. Haha.. Really nice guy :)

Alrighty. Shall talk more filming if i get the chance to ya? :)

God bless and peace



brotherhood is a celebration.
every player on your team is brought together to form a single unstoppable unit.
on and off the court.

We lead by example.
We trust each other,
we fight for each other
we make the extra pass
we do not check our personal scores
and the only name we cared about is the one that is written at the back of our jersey.

no shoot first mentality
no bad attitude
no superstars

in the brotherhood, dynasty don’t happen alone
a brotherhood only happens when the hearts combine


What does it symbolize?
This is a question that i get pretty much.

Basically, im rather certain that now when anyone sees “6699” they think of me.

This is a very special number i gave myself a long time ago and i’ve been sticking to it since then.

I told my fans the reason why its “6699” and not “69” or “666” a long time ago. I doubt they still remember it now. The media industry is ever-changing and fans come and go. And they go especially when u are no longer performing. Sad truth. But i dont blame them. I blame myself.

Guess no one will ever know the true meaning behind it. It has now become my personal secret and i will prolly only share it w the people that are really close or meant something to me.

Tattoo onto my body, inked into my flesh, embedded in my life.
I am 6699.


My first collaboration w sly

Its been years since sly became my bro.
Its been years since sly and i said “lets do a song together!”, which we perceptually made no effort to make it come true.
Its been years since we actually did something together.. may it be to catch a movie or to play some games.. Its really been a while…
Bros are like this. U may not see them regularly, but we always have each other’s interest in our heart, we have each other’s back. This is the unspoken bro code. The rock and roll way.
So even when its been more than a year since we met, everything just felt like it was yesterday.
Its funny how this collaboration started. Initially, I wrote this song for him a while back but now i realised that it is more likely that this song was actually meant for me. So i re-arranged it but i lacked a guitar solo and figured that who else would write a better solo for this song other than my bro, sly. The song is called “Baby”.
Thanks to 2 x kopi, 1 x kopi-o, 2x teh-si, 1x teh tarik, im able to be awake till now. Go damn gonna die soon. But its all worth it for a night w my bro :) -consperm-
As we were recording, we had our jokes, our usual laughs. We jeered each other when we make a mistake during recording and we traded composition tips. We just refuse to grow up. Glad to have a bro like him. “Two heads are better than one” thats what we always say.
Am i glad that we FINALLY did finish a piece of music together. Including recording of vocals and mixing. Phew**
Let me grab some sleep before i share the music w everyone ok! Its gonna be a blast!! I promise. Haha.. Oh oh! This is the first time im leaving his house smoke-free!! Awesome. Hahahaha..
Here a pic of my awesome bro at work :)
Ps. We love tattoos!! m/


my 1 year with SRJC

1 year ago i took up a new challenge, I became the coach for SRJC basketball boys.
Through this year, i have learnt so much.
so much about my studies
so much about understanding reality vs textbook
so much about communication
so much about commitment
so much about myself
so much about how to handle my new found “power”
hey. with greater power comes greater responsibility right? =p

I must admit, there are certain moments in this short 1 year career that i totally felt that i should have done better. Luckily, Ms Rivera is always there to guide me. To my own surprise, i actually understand why she make certain decision and why she scolds for certain issues. THIS. i never understand any of that when i was a student. I am really glad to have Ms Rivera by my side, guiding me and sharing with me all the wonderful experiences. Truly a blessing.

Now, the best thing that made this job so damn wonderful is my Boys.
I know they hate it when i call them BOYS. but hey. i would gladly accept it if someone was to call me a “ah boy” rather than telling their kids to “叫 uncle”. And they really made me feel like im a dad. watching them develop, learn, become so much more than the first day i saw them..  In addition, I have a wonderful Captain and Vice Captain that has helped me in many many decision makings as well as to keep the team knitted.

Unfortunately, our journey in the A division has ended. I really wished i had more experience and had better communication skills to bring out more in them. I really hope that i could have given more. This is the team that i will never ever forget and this team will always be so special and they just mean so much to me.. I really wanna thank the boys for bringing me along this journey. for sharing with me the joy and the passion of playing basketball all over again. I truly love you guys from the bottom of my heart. I love the team.

these letters just made my own 1 year worth it. Better than any of the fan mails i have received over the years. seriously.
And as of today, i have officially extended my time with the team for an additional year. 
May god bless me with the wisdom to lead the team so that they will not go through such heartache in the upcoming season.
ok. boys. as always.