On a up!!

Well well.. Its been a long time since i updated my blog. Apologises for all the delay.

Ever since my return from japan, i have been preparing for my school quiz followed by a malaysia trip with my basketball boys. Upon return, i’ve been so sick that i am “bed ridden” for the next 3-4 days and till now, this very moment, i am still sick.

Just want to take this opportunity to thank the lord for all his blessings and guidance.

When i was racing in japan, there was this point of the race when everything seemed to fall apart. My legs were giving, my back was pain from the abrasion and i was feeling very emotional. I took a prayer and recomposed myself and took off again to battle the upslopes at 35km. Thank you Lord for the fantastic race back in japan. I hope more good races will come! :)

My srjc basketball team is finally functioning like a team. A team that reminded me of my own championship team. A team that is willing to do all the dirty job for each other. This is a team worth fighting for. To think back at the first day when i met them and how freaking lousy they were back then, who would have imagine this is what they would have become? This is the power of sports science and am i glad that i have this knowledge and i am able to execute it well.

I got bck my results for my latest module and the results were really very decent despite the fact that i went overseas for more than 3 weeks of a total 7 week module time frame! Ha.. Honestly, its a blessing.

Latest good news was given to me by my mentor last night. But for now, i cant say any further. *secret desu*

It is on a spiral up, up and going!! :)

Zac Leow

Tokyo snow

Tokyo’s been snowin since i left. Really feel that it was such a waste that i couldnt stay a little longer use to experience the “snow-fall”. Hai..

Oh wells. At least there will always be something for me to look forward to when i go back to japan again.

Love you japan.
May your seas be beautiful again