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my mentor showed me this quote while we were at coffeebean earlier today.

the quote reads “the distance between dreams and reality is.. DISCIPLINE”

it makes perfect sense to me. how often have we talked about our dreams but yet take no actions to work towards it? may it be fear or for the fact that we are not discipline.

all the great athletes or musicians have put in their best and be discipline to carry out the hours of practice to make what they do a second nature.
i once read an article by a musician. he said that he practiced the guitar for hours each day just so that the guitar will feel like “part of his body” and so that he has TOTAL control over the instrument. that is discipline. practicing for hours everyday with the correct mindset. with the positivity to believe and to overcome all obstacles.

since i am leaving for japan to race in the tokyo marathon, i made this wallpaper for myself and it is now my locked screen wall paper. shall take this opportunity to share with everyone. :)

Zac Leow
DISCIPLINE. every step counts.

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