Japan day 1

Check out my leg space! so much right? emergency exit rocks.. haha.. best part, the air crew keeps thinking that im a japanese and they keep speaking to me in it. THANKS! i know i am a japanese deep down la.. haha..

super yummy breakfast on ANA. it was served at 4am Sg time i think. finally im bck to a place whereby my clock finaly tells the “correct” time. its funny how it all started 6 years ago and i refused to change my timing back to sg time after turning 21 in japan. :) i love japan man.

super beautiful view at my seat.

horizon rainbow. its a beautiful sign. japan’s gonna rock!

welcome to narita international airport! hehee.. NRT! woots!!

settling down for my lunch at hardrock cafe tokyo! yummy!!

chek out the funky iphone cover. who dares to use this?!?! hahahah!!


sly. i know excited. shld i buy for u? haha..

storm trooper!!

so cute!! doraemon going gaga!! haha

WELCOME TO DORAEMON LAND! hahha.. dont i love japan.

keewee, vics, bryan, simon, andrew, xiaolong, check out the idarts stuff they have here. AWESOME right?

thanks to the brutal weather, i am now officially sick. went to buy medicine at the local pharmacy w my broken japanese and i just had to be responsible and not spread to others. so.. this is the final product. EVEN MORE JAPANESE NOW. hahaha

check out the classification for tokyo marathon! i am considered as serious runner! muahahah!! alright man. i CANT WAIT TO START RUNNING AGAIN.. grrrrr…

my awesome $8sgd dinner. now u see it…

now u dont :)

it was yet another brutal cold
night for me. oh wells. it will be awesome today.

god, please let me recover asap. in u i trust. amen.

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