First show at Esplanade

It is probably on every singaporean musician list to perform at the esplanade.
I have waited for quite some time. 
It is finally my time to take center stage =)
So on the 2 Feb, I had my first show at esplanade.
watching the empty stage get set up.
This show that i was doing is for Nic Lee’s (迷路兵) up-coming album launch. 
So peeps, please do turn up to give us an opportunity to reach out to you guys 
For those that have turned up, you would probably find the band members being somewhat familiar to you. I have got some pics lined up for u guys 
check out my awesome AMPEG cabinet.
Superband II  SCREAMM Bryan
Bryan on drums
Superband II YING Simon (小少)
Simon on guitar
of course we have the lead vocals for this wonderful album, Nic from 迷路兵.
Nic on vocals and guitar
Superband I Lucify Kelvin
Kelvin on guitar
Finally, an esplanade pass.
the stage looks all set for ROCK N ROLL!
As we were coming out from our artist room, i felt like its just all the concert dvds i’ve seen. So i decided to take a little vid of our “walk-out”.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who turned out at Esplanade during a weekday night. 
I know its hard for you guys. 
Really appreciate it 
Time to get the party started! =)

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