Was having a night’s out with my sis and guess where did we end up being at?
*drum roll*
I was so confused that i actually said “Compass Point” at Woodlands. Luckily she corrected me. If not…. damn xia suay… haha..
As we were deciding what to eat, i saw the “Empire State” and decided to try out their huge burger.
So how huge was it? 
it is HUGE. like H-U-G-E.
check out the size of it relative to the fork.

The burger was insane. 
It was so huge that the table beside us actually laughed at us! cause we, 2 skinny people, 1 boy 1 girl, order this huge kick ass burger. 
BTW, the menu says its for 1. 
I have no idea who eats this for 1 meal. KING KONG AR? haha…
The burger is bigger than our faces combine. I think. haha..
Here’s the evidence!

the burger really made her face disappear. *poof*

The burger is only $29.90
Words are there are only 2 person that has completed this burger ALONE. oh ya. PLUS THE FRIES.
Crazy man. 
Think i will pay $10 to see the person finish this up. hahaha!!!
The service at the restaurant was good. so i cant upload this at my new blog. haha.. 
my new blog is regarding… GOOD FOOD, FARKED UP SERVICES. 
for those that have encountered which events, please contact me and i will go and do a review on the place! haha..
cheers peeps.
mighty king kong sized burgers FTW!

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