a run at TAMAGAWA

the beautiful country side view at Tamagawa.
Tamagawa is voted tokyo’s favourite running route and i can instantly why the moment i reached the river. The river marks the division of Kanagawa and Tokyo and alot of schools are situated along this lovely river.

so its 5 degrees but who cares. needa clock my distance.

So cold!!! needa wear my arm
warmer.. look like a mummy? :p

sexy tights in the train ride and getting stares. is it too cold to start running? hmmm

check out the distance marker. MADNESS. 50km of Straight road.

all set for this sunday’s race. god bless me. :)

from TOKYO!

Japan day 1

Check out my leg space! so much right? emergency exit rocks.. haha.. best part, the air crew keeps thinking that im a japanese and they keep speaking to me in it. THANKS! i know i am a japanese deep down la.. haha..

super yummy breakfast on ANA. it was served at 4am Sg time i think. finally im bck to a place whereby my clock finaly tells the “correct” time. its funny how it all started 6 years ago and i refused to change my timing back to sg time after turning 21 in japan. :) i love japan man.

super beautiful view at my seat.

horizon rainbow. its a beautiful sign. japan’s gonna rock!

welcome to narita international airport! hehee.. NRT! woots!!

settling down for my lunch at hardrock cafe tokyo! yummy!!

chek out the funky iphone cover. who dares to use this?!?! hahahah!!


sly. i know excited. shld i buy for u? haha..

storm trooper!!

so cute!! doraemon going gaga!! haha

WELCOME TO DORAEMON LAND! hahha.. dont i love japan.

keewee, vics, bryan, simon, andrew, xiaolong, check out the idarts stuff they have here. AWESOME right?

thanks to the brutal weather, i am now officially sick. went to buy medicine at the local pharmacy w my broken japanese and i just had to be responsible and not spread to others. so.. this is the final product. EVEN MORE JAPANESE NOW. hahaha

check out the classification for tokyo marathon! i am considered as serious runner! muahahah!! alright man. i CANT WAIT TO START RUNNING AGAIN.. grrrrr…

my awesome $8sgd dinner. now u see it…

now u dont :)

it was yet another brutal cold
night for me. oh wells. it will be awesome today.

god, please let me recover asap. in u i trust. amen.

valentine’s day 2012

valentine’s day 2012 proves to be very different from the past years’ celebration.

nevertheless, my celebration is still awesome as usual :)

to begin, i went for an awesome
korean buffet lunch w my beloved uwa peeps!

then i went for high tea with the lovely xiaoxin!

she made me eat half her food as usual.. even after my BUFFET lunch. omg…

then of course on vday.. we can never forget about this great deal =D

then i went to school to get knocked out by stupid psychology :(


well well, its still a very busy and fulfilling day. love u peeps lots! muack**

happy vday! :)

SRJC vs MI 2012 Feb



A friendly game between SRJC and MI was played this week at the home court of SRJC.
As the coach of the SRJC boys, this is my very first home game and this happens to be the first friendly i am in-charge in 2012.

MI boys came ready to play and to grab the win.
I am really glad that my SR boys managed to live up to my expectations and delivered 3 decent quarters to win the game 57-54.

So here are some of the videos that were taken during the game.

Weekend basketball

It has become a weekly event for us to play basketball on every saturday morning at the basketball beside braddel heights cc.
Time to get the engine going and to keep fit people! =)
This is my last bball session before i fly off to tokyo for my marathon. 
gotta remind myself to play safe and to take it slow and easy.
all for my tokyo marathon.. 
needa go “home” to burn the road. woots!!

Check out the “funny sky”. Dark clouds on one side and bright on the other. oh wells. as long as it is not raining on the court, its all fine for us! hahaha!!


First show at Esplanade

It is probably on every singaporean musician list to perform at the esplanade.
I have waited for quite some time. 
It is finally my time to take center stage =)
So on the 2 Feb, I had my first show at esplanade.
watching the empty stage get set up.
This show that i was doing is for Nic Lee’s (迷路兵) up-coming album launch. 
So peeps, please do turn up to give us an opportunity to reach out to you guys 
For those that have turned up, you would probably find the band members being somewhat familiar to you. I have got some pics lined up for u guys 
check out my awesome AMPEG cabinet.
Superband II  SCREAMM Bryan
Bryan on drums
Superband II YING Simon (小少)
Simon on guitar
of course we have the lead vocals for this wonderful album, Nic from 迷路兵.
Nic on vocals and guitar
Superband I Lucify Kelvin
Kelvin on guitar
Finally, an esplanade pass.
the stage looks all set for ROCK N ROLL!
As we were coming out from our artist room, i felt like its just all the concert dvds i’ve seen. So i decided to take a little vid of our “walk-out”.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who turned out at Esplanade during a weekday night. 
I know its hard for you guys. 
Really appreciate it 
Time to get the party started! =)

missing my pretty girl skippy

these few days, i just miss her so much..
i almost adopted a husky recently but when i met him, he was no where near being a “skippy”. although he’s cute, hes not half as adorable as skippy.

i miss the way skippy tags me when i bring her out for a walk.
i miss the times when she sleep on my lap.
i miss the look on her face when i say “walk walk!” .
i miss the times when i disturb her and dress her up w funny things.
i miss skippy.
i’ll be keeping u in my prayers skip skip. hope u’ll be healthy and happy. i love u.

best doggy in the world. love u skippy..

meaningful quote

my mentor showed me this quote while we were at coffeebean earlier today.

the quote reads “the distance between dreams and reality is.. DISCIPLINE”

it makes perfect sense to me. how often have we talked about our dreams but yet take no actions to work towards it? may it be fear or for the fact that we are not discipline.

all the great athletes or musicians have put in their best and be discipline to carry out the hours of practice to make what they do a second nature.
i once read an article by a musician. he said that he practiced the guitar for hours each day just so that the guitar will feel like “part of his body” and so that he has TOTAL control over the instrument. that is discipline. practicing for hours everyday with the correct mindset. with the positivity to believe and to overcome all obstacles.

since i am leaving for japan to race in the tokyo marathon, i made this wallpaper for myself and it is now my locked screen wall paper. shall take this opportunity to share with everyone. :)

Zac Leow
DISCIPLINE. every step counts.

Was having a night’s out with my sis and guess where did we end up being at?
*drum roll*
I was so confused that i actually said “Compass Point” at Woodlands. Luckily she corrected me. If not…. damn xia suay… haha..
As we were deciding what to eat, i saw the “Empire State” and decided to try out their huge burger.
So how huge was it? 
it is HUGE. like H-U-G-E.
check out the size of it relative to the fork.

The burger was insane. 
It was so huge that the table beside us actually laughed at us! cause we, 2 skinny people, 1 boy 1 girl, order this huge kick ass burger. 
BTW, the menu says its for 1. 
I have no idea who eats this for 1 meal. KING KONG AR? haha…
The burger is bigger than our faces combine. I think. haha..
Here’s the evidence!

the burger really made her face disappear. *poof*

The burger is only $29.90
Words are there are only 2 person that has completed this burger ALONE. oh ya. PLUS THE FRIES.
Crazy man. 
Think i will pay $10 to see the person finish this up. hahaha!!!
The service at the restaurant was good. so i cant upload this at my new blog. haha.. 
my new blog is regarding… GOOD FOOD, FARKED UP SERVICES. 
for those that have encountered which events, please contact me and i will go and do a review on the place! haha..
cheers peeps.
mighty king kong sized burgers FTW!


time flies man. and its alrdy been a year.
its time for our annual UWA reunion dinner! =)

In every relationship/group there are bound to be arguments, friction between each other once in a while. Guess everyone has to be really mature to forgive and forget and to embrace each other’s flaws for this group to stay united without dropping the members. in fact, we’ve gotten new addition! welcome seishen! haha..

so here are some of the pics that were taken! =)

Getting ready for more fun and games!

Bring the boys out!~~

Bring the girls out!~~

looks like kids playing with food! haha
So folks. this is the coolest gang in UWA. hands up champion. every lecturer knows all our names. haha! These are the people that stayed by my side during the toughest period of 2011, these are the people that have motivated to me to study really hard and to get grades that i truly deserve and these are the ASSHOLES that made me run the marathon to shut the uncle up. HAHA!!!  Thanks gang. Thanks for everything. Forgive my littleness and nonsense ya?  <3
Shall end off this post with the future of sports science in singapore. better remember the faces. #1!
wan xin, gary, nicole, zac, shayne, charles, keewee, seishen and remy. cheers =)