Velvet’s Wedding show on 28th Jan 2012!

thinking back at it, i’ve been playing with these awesome people for 4 full years.
the days when we used to rehearse at pennisular plaza… then went on to play at STAGE then DRAGONFLY…

and my first event show was also with velvet and it was for Pokka (Singapore). We played rock, ballads, happy hour, acoustic, bossa nova in english and chinese. pretty damn good right? hahaha!

and so.. its time for yet another show.

So here are some of the pics we took during the show.

my handsome drummer! mr bryan liu!

the most handsome person in the band is OBVIOUSLY mr simon lai.

mr bryan at work. 

the things they do during break time.

As some might have already figured this out, Velvet consist of a bassist, drummer and guitarist. so… who does the singing for us? We find the best in the market to do a rocking good show with us. obviously right? haha!

singers for the night, kexin and howie.
simon and i! haha.. we love keyboard intro songs =p

I would like to congratulate Mr. Kelvin Chia and his wife Mrs. Zanne Chia on their beautiful wedding and it is truly our blessing to be able to be there to witness and to be part of this joyous occasion. May this be the perfect fairy tale story for all to be told. =)

Kelvin and Zanne!

Kelvin singing his song march in song while Velvet plays the music. COOL STUFF! 

How about a nice duet during your own march in? AWESOME.

Heres, another look of the happy couple! Congratulations!

So whenever i do a show, i needa learn the new songs. It is not such a simple task and i have to be as precise as possible so that the singers will be able to “enter” the song. So, i’m kinda busy before shows. Heres a picture of how my score looks like… NEAT RIGHT?! hahaha.. love my female handwriting.

my score!

and so.. if anyone is interested in hiring us for a rocking good show… do drop me a msg ok? hee.. peace!


happy lunar new year!!

happy lunar new year to all my family and friends!!

today, i had my first 3-men reunion dinner. its just my parents and i. my sisters are not celebrating it with us and this year i haven gotten a partner. so it is somehow very toned down..

when dinner was over, my dad gave me 2 ang bos. for a moment i thought “u want me to pass this to charlene?!?!” then when i read the message on the ang bo, im so moved that i cried.

my dad said “加油. do your best in japan. you will do well.”.
this meant alot to me. like ALOT. since young, i have been under the shadows of my sisters academically and obviously my dad thinks that playing music is for “losers”. (yes, he is very very traditional) so even when i went taiwan to pursue my dreams, he did not support and he could not stop me as i am that rebellious and stubborn.
somehow, this is the FIRST time he initiated and supported my decision of racing. probably he can see me putting in the hard work, putting myself through the pain and still being so determined.


this time when i race. i will race with my bros, and something very special, my family.

i know i will be doing well. i know.

thanks dad. i will rock out hard m/

oh oh. sandara park is my new love!! hahaa..

pretty right….. hahaha!!!


chinese new year

chinese new year is coming.
and i can’t feel any excitement or happiness for this festive season.

maybe i’ve just grown too old to enjoy this occasion. maybe i am just too jaded to through the whole “where is your girlfriend” situation.

Sometimes, i really hope that CNY will not come at all.
Since the money doesnt mean much to me now and the fact is that my sisters, all 3 of them, are not going to spend the festive season with me. Plus me being single just sums up to a sucky CNY.

I really dont think i will ever have the courage to bring another person into my life.
I am just to sick of being the dumpee.
I am sick of being.. not appreciated.

how i hope, i can just run non-stop.
to not feel all the emotions that over whelm me every single day and only feel the pain and discomfort from my legs and my body…
this is probably the reason why i love “pain”.
this is definitely the reason why i feed on “pain”.

im definitely gonna do what i did for xmas, boxing day, new year and my bday.
to run. to temporary not feel the pain in the heart.
looks like athletes are simply good escape artists.

its back to the same old days when i look at my band mates and im the only one tt’s single. the only one that is empty within.

shall embrace myself for the Q&A from my relatives for the next few days.
*breathe* everything will be over.
*smile* and be graceful about things
*run* to escape from the pain

im so gonna hate festive seasons for a long time to come.

Bday Celebration @ idarts

Its the time of the year again. the time for me to sing my birthday song and to officially change the numeral for my chronic age.

I had a little pre-birthday party at idarts senso on 27 mohamad sultan road.
Im really beginning to love idarts more and more for the atmosphere is really good and the drinks are really affordable!

here are some pics that i took. =)

come and enjoy the atmosphere and games at idarts. =)

trying really hard to focus on my first dart game.

trying to get all my biomechanics right! 職業病!

Reminds me of Dragonfly and mono though. haha!

de victor ong having his shot!

the thrower in action

kee wee won his free darts in his attempt in “bijin count-up”

Bronze shaft, balanced, with standard flights. 

my favourite girl for the night. haha!

soon.. victor won his darts too!

im still trying my best to learn darts. But its really an awesome game. =)

Oh wells. I should have taken more pictures. Maybe there will be more in the future. =)

dress code: casual, covered shoes.
location: 27 mohamed sultan road (opposite the old Double O)