Xmas Party 2011

Where did you peeps spend your xmas party? wells, i spent mine with my bros at idarts!
We had lots of fun joking, chatting and just to enjoy each other’s company.
I love my bros. =)

so here are some pics from the night!

nice lighting effects!

my dartslive member’s card that records every single game played!

rules and condition for the membership

Even kids are having a go on the darts machine! its that fun. =p

michelle and the gigantic Carlsberg! ok. the beers does look so big in this photo. hahaha!

My pretty stylist Lilian won herself some hot gifts for the night!

More gifts from iDarts!

Truly having a good time at iDarts Senso!

Bryan and his mummy!! =)

Pub filled with darters! iDarts!!!

and the X’mas Countdown begins!!!

I regret sitting next to handsome. Shall not reveal his name. MUAHAHAH!!!

SMILE!!!! =D

Lots of pretty girls playing iDarts. Guys, you know what to do!

Mr Liu hosting the show!

This is definitely not the first time we spent xmas together. But, this is definitely the first one we spent NOT WORKING together. muahaha! shioks.
May more good times come our way! =)
a big THANK YOU to iDarts Senso for making this fantastic xmas celebration possible =)

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