training: endurance, strenth, power, hypertrophy?

Everyone must have heard so much about high reps vs low reps and how it affects your training and the resulting body shape that people which is the reason why most people gym.

So i’ve decided to write a post as a form of guide for everyone to follow. Feel free to drop me a mail or message regarding what should be done if you have any questions =)

Before we begin, it is advisable to consult your doctor for your current health status and to ensure that you are fit for gym training as it may be really tough.

Here are some some short forms which will be used in this post:
sets = 1 set consist of the number of reps allocated
reps = repetitions
RM = maximum rep (maximum weight one can do, one single effort)

Muscle Endurance

High reps, Low load.
2-4 sets, 15-30 reps, 50% RM
Duration: 2-4 weeks
resulting body shape : lean
sporting purpose: endurance athletes

referencing: Bruce Lee

Muscle Hypertrophy

Low reps, High load.
4-10 sets, 10-15 reps, 75% RM
Duration: 2-4 weeks
resulting body shape : BIG!
sporting purpose: Body builders
referencing: Arnold 

Muscular Strength
Low reps, High load.
3-5 sets, 1-10 reps, 90% RM
Duration: 6-12 weeks
resulting body shape : well cut body
sporting purpose: buildup phase to power
Referencing: Rain 

Muscular Power
moderate reps, moderate load. FAST!
2-3 sets, 12-15 reps, 60% RM
Duration: as long as the competition phase last
resulting body shape : well defined body
sporting purpose: sprinters, NFL footballers
Referencing: Bolt, Lebron 
The 4 training phase MUST go in the order to get maximum results and to prevent injuries.

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