First Sex School

Having difficulties locating the clitoris? Having trouble turning your other half on? Interested in mastering different sexual position that is enjoyable for both parties?

The world’s first international sex school has arrived to answer all your quires. And i ain’t kidding about it. This school might just be for you. (feeling kinky yet?)

Swedish entrepreneur Ylva-Maria Thompson is the woman behind the Austrian International School of Sex in Vienna (AISOS). The school’s purpose is to teach students how to become better lovers.

Anyone above the age of 16 can apply, and tuition is set at 1,400 euros. The curriculum is focused on practical education opposed to theoretical, which includes lessons on seduction, sexual possessions and proper caressing techniques.

Students will live in a mixed-sex dormitory block where they’re expected to practice what they’ve learned in class, so if you enroll, make sure you pick a hot study buddy.

College kids worldwide have been doing this type of “studying” for a very long time, but instead of alcohol being the facilitator, here it’s the compulsion to get a better mark and graduate. 

Obviously, the thing to be concern about is the gender ratio. Let’s just pray that enough hot babes will sign up for the course to balance the ratio at around 1:1 so that you dont have to share partners. this time, “sharing a partner” meant much more than chemistry laboratory doesnt it?!

the stuff i find at fund’s

woke up really early today to help fund clean up his room and to re-arrange his room.

so as we’re clearing things. we lots and lots of epic stuff!! :)

Need a map to find your own on skypiea with luffy and chopper?? :p

ahem* to love and to protect! lol*

its never too early to start drinking right? especially my i’ve completed my race. muahaha!!

typically fund.

on form!! hahaha!!!

really very nice and cool postcard!! emo nemo!!

ivan’s creation. jpop’07. soon this will be known as old school jpop. in fact, i think it already is.

the winner. nokia with 1.3 mega pixel. lol.

YouTube Video

fund’s epic toy. he said “he has been to france ok? dont play play.” yes ok. dont play play boss.

found my own doraemon socks. super overdued. lol.

family guy FTW!!

epic old school air tix receipt. 2009 dog!!

its really damn amazing to see such crap living in fund’s room. i bet theres more to uncover with time!

who needs cleaning next?!?! 😀



ME: My Marathon Life till now

My first ever Race Tag in my life.

How it all started? Well, it all started when my friend, Xiao Ming, instigated me to join the Sundown Marathon Singapore in December 2010. I registered on the 6 Dec 2010 and i have started running since. It was also a perfect opportunity for me to shut one of my course mate up because he was always talking about endurance sport and saying it as if he, is the greatest form of athlete because he is an endurance athlete. It cheeses me off. My pride and ego took over and i intend to show him that “if he can do it, so can i”.
i prayed for 2 of my friends
I have this weird belief that my wish will come true if i were to sacrifice things that i like or when i rise up to a challenge that involves out doing myself. So hence, i started the habit of writing my wish behind my tag and it always motivate me whenever i feel that the pain is catching on with me. Basically, i strive on the pain and agony. i feed on my pain.
When i crossed the finishing line, i realised that the pain was not a threat. It is something that is true and it hurts u so much.
But probably, the pain was what drives every single endurance athlete to do it.
the mega big blister on my toe.

the toe nails that no longer exist
After my sundown marathon, i almost could not walk. I limped to the car and my then girlfriend and friends had to drive me home.
When i got back, i could not get out of the car as my feet went numb.
I continued to limp around for the next 3 days and was finally able to swim after my 4th day.
This was the pain that I have brought upon myself. along with the lost of my toe nails.

I had the support of my partner and the support of my friends. and that really made me pull through the “tough patches” in the race as well as the recovery phase which was so often than not embarrassing. Really appreciate the support that i had then.

With that first marathon, alot has changed.
I have improved. I have matured both as a person, as an athlete and as a coach.
yes. i am my own coach. I do my own testing and i plan my own training. It is not easy and at times, it is actually stressful and i get sleepless nights over the training progression.
This is something that most people will never understand. Its like having a 2 part stress. The stress of being the coach and being the athlete. 
So the time has come and its time for my second marathon, which is a prelude to my tokyo marathon 2012.
i am not showing any more of my wishes. haha
the one and only picture i had this marathon. and it sucked.

finishing is not the concern. it is how fast i do it. and i just needa be faster.
After my race, my bro came to pick me up. It really meant alot to me. To know that they are out there supporting me of my decision. It is an additional motivation to do well and to be better! Thanks!
my own ice bath
i made the ice 2 days in advance

Life has its way our twisting and turning, making every simple decision seem tough and camouflaging every tough decision as simple. It is really up to every individual to weigh the pros and cons and to make the decision themselves and to not regret it. Even if it means to have a little “time out” and to think things through.