My darling’s last day@ SD

Yesterday, i stepped back into an area that i was so used to. Clarke Quay.
This was the area when i came when i was young, looking at my teachers perform every night at the Pumproom and later supporting friends playing at Lunar. When i walked across the bridge from central, this one man solo walk is just too familiar to be true. 
this time, i am single. this time, i am not a musician.
I was there not just to party, but to create the party. I was the creator of the most happening night scene. I had the key to freedom. I was the license to party.
 I invited some friends to join me at the party and for some, they had never seen the wild side of me. I hope i didnt scare them away. haha!
So heres a post about me and how i started the night scene with my dearest guitarist (aka my darling) Simon Lai.
When i first saw Simon at the Singapore Street Festival, I knew he was someone different. I knew that he will be one of the top guitarist. and I still believe so till today.
We’ve been through many happy occasions and through lots and lots of fucked up times. Some how, we manage to slowly climb over each obstacle and we eventually do it well in a class of our own.

my crazy drummer. Mr purple liu.
and we never ever forget to have fun. LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN.
 our superband days
this is definitely one of the most crappy memory. STAGE.

and so, yesterday was the last day Simon played as the resident band at Shanghai Dolly. I was really proud of him to have taken this step and to work towards a better future. 
Darling, Life’s tough. So we just needa be tougher.
Regardless how many partners have came and left, the 3 of us are always together. N i see this going a mighty long way. We will be there to support you. Jiayou!!! 
for our 自由!

had a tweet from one of my friends.
fren: i know you guys rock the stage last night
me: how did u know?
fren: cause you guys are velvet band. The chemistry is amazing
Thank you.
Thank you for the faith and support. 
Thank you Bryan, Simon. 
For the most amazing time of my life. If only, we had went taiwan together. Things would have been different.

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