basketball fundamentals skills

some basketball fundamental for the young minds =)

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Heres a little mid range shooting concept and how to create space for yourself. It is really useful for all players. 
(obviously, you will have to be able to knock down shots in the most basic form. standing shot before this can be put to use)

Rebounding. My favourite job. In fact, it was my job to crash down the boards to bring in the rebound for my team during my playing days. Turning in a not-so-good-shot into another 2 points for team. Nothing feels better than saving your team’s ass yea? Ha!

Post-up. Big man, this is what post-up is all about. This IS your duty. To post-up and to threaten the defense from deep within, so that your team mates will have a better, clearer 3 point shoot or deep 2.

to move without the ball is an art. think about it this way. how often do we have the ball in our hands vs how often do we NOT have the ball in our hands. 
thats how important it is to move WITHOUT the ball. Don’t just stand there and ball-watch.

Taking the master class of passing from the great Steve Nash. Definitely one of my favourite all time PG. Smooth on the handles, quick and agile and best part of all. Great passing ability and vision =)
take it from the pros in NBA. It can’t go wrong. 

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