memory improvement

recently i’ve been thinking that maybe my car accident did affect my brain capacity. I do not seem to be able to remember that well and i have problem with focusing on a particular object (text, picture, person).
so i’ve done some research and found some ways to “boost” my memory and i would like to share with everyone.

hey. less time studying to score = more time to play right? =)

here’s one on how to remember stories?

techniques involved SING.
S = stop to focus
I = identify main points
N = never mind the details
G = get the rough idea

Here are 10 principles to memory work:
1. Interest (create interest in the information)
2. Intention (positive attitude that you will remember)
3. Basic Background (knows the background of the text/story)
4. selectivity (select what is most important)
5. meaningful organisation (grouping the info)
6. recitation
7. mental visualisation (adding images)
8. association (associate it to something familiar)
9. consolidation (make notes to review again)
10. distributed practice (shorter practice time over longer periods)

ways to make really good notes.

prepared and written by Zac Leow

finish the marathon!

recently, one of my good friend has requested me to do a weekly running plan for him sothat he can monitor the progress and also to finish the marathon.
so heres what i have planned out for him :

mon: 45 min easy run + conditioming
tues: rest
weds: 10 min warm up + 3 sets flartlek (2 min fast run, 3 min slow jog recovery= 1 set)
thurs: rest
fri: 30 min slow jog + conditioning
sat: start off with 90 mins easy run. increase by 5-10 mins every week.
sun: rest day

easy run will be define ad being able to chat or hum a song while running.

for the rest day, one can do stretching exercises to improve the range of motion which will in turn assist in their running form.
i personally will do foam roller exercise or visit my masseuse or even just go for a simple swim :)
remember, its a rest day because u need to rest to train hard the next day! :)

Zac Leow

youtube basketball vids

its the study period for my boys now and basketball training has been put to a stop so that they can concentrate on their studies. ( i dont remember having this kinda “benefit” during my JC days)
Although training has stopped, i’m still thinking about the game and how to do improvements for my boys so that they will higher their chances of winning this coming season.

After several discussions with my coaches, every one of them agreed that for my team to win, every single player needs to have a basic or at least a certain level of individual skills. if not, regardless of how well the strategies are, they are not able to win the game. So hopefully, my boys will be able to “level up” as much as possible so that they will be better.

There are plenty of sources readily available on the internet for learning purposes. However, if one watches a video that has an incorrect form, concept, this will hinder the learning process rather than to aid it.

and so, i came across a couple of youtube videos and thought that it will be helpful for everyone to have a look at it. Mental preparation and mental visualisation will, i repeat, will help in the perfection of the moves.

ps: note what expert KOBE says about basketball. Do the simple things right. Do the simple things right.


prepared and written by Zac Leow

the importance of sports massage

in the recent weeks, i’ve up my training sessions to 10 sessions per week (largely thanks to chris for motivating me with his madness timing at the KOTR).

my body doesn’t seem to take it well and everything has been on a downhill slide. my cruising speed decreased from 5:00 to 6:10 and my 21km has turned from bad to worse. So just yesterday, i messaged my masseuse and went for my massage. It was one of the toughest massage i’ve gotten and it was definitely no doubt, definitely the most painful massage i’ve received thus far. my masseuse told me that i needed to spend more time for my warm up and cool down.

and so, the training continues today with my fartlek. Wore my adidas power web, which was kinda made famous to SRJC, and I did a good old fashion 1.5km warm up and i stretched myself real good. To my surprise, my cruising speed went from the ugly 6:10 to a not-too-bad 4:40. thats a shit load of difference. and its only my cruising =) so, definitely a good morning workout. Shall see how the workout continues and yes, i’ll definitely want more massages and more warm up/cool down.

prepared and written by Zac Leow