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sports massage is an eccentual component to get any athlete to perform better, train harder and to stay out of injury. however, if this is your first time trying a spkrts massage, it can be pretty sore and painful. so do be mentally prepared. getting a certified and experienced sports masseuse that is something everyone should look out for.

different people react to sports massages differently. may it be the pain threshold or the muscle reflex and how “hard” they prefer the massage to be given.

for me, i like it hard and i love the soreness. makes me feel alive.

heres a vid of me getting my massage from one of the up and coming sports masseuse in singapore, at my house. in the video, i am getting my hip flexors massaged or “released” (these are some terms we used).

according to my masseuse, everyone has a different response to the hip flexors massage. for me, its pretty obvious from the video, is a laughing reflex. and till nw, i have no idea why. haha!

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