pre race preparation

pre race preparation is as important as it can get to maximize yourself to your fullest potential.
these are some of the things i do before i go into my races:

1. get a sports massage to loose all the muscle. make sure they are not sore from the massage though!

2. get taped up. make sure all the taping are done beforehand so you will have a goodnight rest, knowing everything is done. for this race, i have k-taped (kinesio taped) my gastrocnemius to inhibit them. (generally, i tape up whatever muscle that has been giving me problem for the period of time. a lot of diagnosis are done regularly to make sure the correct muscles are being targeted)

3. a day of rest is needed for the race. if you must run, do not run more than 20 minutes on the day before the race.

4. good night rest of at least 8 hours. hey, i am sure you’ve heard of this in army and it is there for a reason.

5. drink 300ml-500ml of cool water 30 minutes prior to the race. this will enhance the body’s ability to absorb water during hydration in the mist of the race.

6. a good warm up.

well. looks like im all set for tomorrow’s adidas KOTR (singapore)   =]

prepared and written by Zac Leow

confession of a shoe addict

after my morning workout, i decided to pack my shoe rack. it just seemed so.. messy. and slowly bit by bit, i found shoes that i tot were 1. lost 2. thrown away 3. at charlene’s place
im a little shock by the amount of kicks i have and also im damn proud to have them! they are always in such good condition! ha.. so.. i decided to go a little post on my kicks.

starting off.. my adidas F50 boots. its been a while since i last played soccer. kinda miss it though. SEISHEN GARY REMY WEI JIE!!! lets play some game soon!!

basketball section begins!

Adidas Derrick Rose 2: fast dont lie!!

adidas SS2G : definitely a
pair that every basketballer of my era has to own. its a die-die-must-have

Kobe V limited edition

Kobe V “Bruce Lee” limited edition : i call this the victoria school edition. totally matches my PE t shirt.

Kobe V “dark knight” limited edition

street wear section lor~~

Air Jordan 1 “platinum” limited edition: only 200 pieces in the world wor! :p got this when i lived in taiwan.

Air Jordan 1 “tattoo” limited edition: the very pair that i wore as my 打歌服 when i was an artist back in taiwan. really do miss those days. oh wells.. but to the down to earth me. :p

Air Jordan 1 remake

Air Jordan cross kicks

Air Jordan 3 street inspired low limited edition

onizuka tiger x LV limited edition: my 打歌服 during livevil and ying (superband) when i was still in singapore.

converse red+ limited edition: buy a beautiful shoe and donate to the children foundation. hey. how can i miss this?!

nike japan autumn limited edition 2010: bought when i went home and watch X japan!!

adidas “wings” jeremy scott limited edition: doesnt it make u feel like flying?? haha!! love it! i only wear this for “special occassions”. so if u spot me in this, u know the days pretty much darn special to me. haha! :)

nike air force 1 1993 original remake: ok. if u’re a collector and u missed this. u can go die. haha!!

runner’s section~~~
nike lunar glide 2:

adidas adizero : my racer for my first ever marathon. u served me well. we’ll soon travel to japan together ya? :)

mizuno wave creation 12: my newest runner! super comfy. just love it to the max. haha!!

ok. yes. guilty as charged. obsessive compulsive shoe collector. but they are so nice right~~ how to resist?! haha!!

love my kicks :)

ps. this is only half the collection :)) life’s good.


my new mizuno kicks!

yes yes! finally wearing my new running shoes :) really happy!! heehee..
well, i was kinda forced to use it earlier than i intend to. recently, my right ankle had bone bruising due to a roll over of ankle during a run. so, in order to make sure the bone bruising does not turn into a stress fracture, i’ve got to wear a pair of shoes with more cushioning and support to reduce the impact. so, what is better than bringing out my new mizuno creation?

and i was given the “go-ahead” by my masseuse this morning to hit the gym and do a little aqua jogging as well.

alrighty peeps. needa concentrate on my biking. warm up’s over! :$

Zac Leow

fast break game: basketball

a fast break, known to me as RUN-and-GUN (r&g), focused game is like a game of free-flowing ultimate offense. an offense where players do not have to think too much, but rather react and play naturally, freely, as a team. secondary fast break should be run into the offense with the mixture of both zone and man defenses.

R&G is about a well excuted 3 on 2, 2 on 1, or swinging the ball around for a wide open shot.

when u play R&G, tremedous pressure is placed for opponent’s defense due to its high tempo. this will wear the opponent down and this allows more playing time to be spread among your team mates. Your team mates will have to have excellent strength and conditioning to coincide with the up-tempo philosophy.

drills will be done to instill the primary fast break options and secondary break options.

this is my introduction of R&G. more drills will be explained in the near future :)

Zac Leow

casual joke.. =)

How do you expect kids to listen to their parents when Tarzan lives half naked, Cinderella comes home at midnight, Pinocchio lies all the time, Aladdin is the king of thieves, Batman drives at 200 mph, Sleeping Beauty keeps sleeping, and Snow White lives with 7 guys. We shouldn’t be surprised when kids misbehave – they get it from their story books. 


Australia beat China in first 2012 venue match


Australia won the first match at the 2012 London Olympics Basketball Arena, beating China 71-43 on Tuesday in the opening game of a six-team tournament.

The London International Basketball Invitational is being used by the Games organisers to test out the 12,000-seater temporary venue, while for the teams it is a chance to square up with some tough opposition ahead of next month’s 2011 European and Asian championships, and the Olympic qualifying rounds.

China’s Su Wei scored the first points at the new venue 14 seconds in, the centre getting on the score sheet with a lay-up.

In the third minute, his Hongyuan team-mate Wang Shipeng scored the first three-pointer.

China held a slender advantage but Australia levelled matters at 14-14 before Gold Coast Blaze guard Adam Gibson put them two points ahead with two seconds to go in the first quarter.

Australia never looked back from there, extending their lead to 32-19 at half-time following a second quarter injury to Wang Shipeng, who landed badly on his right forearm and took no further part in the game.

Australia were 53-32 up after 30 minutes and outscored China again in the final quarter for a 71-43 victory.

The round-robin tournament, which runs till Sunday, features Serbia, ranked eighth in the world, Australia (9th), China (10th), France (14th), Croatia (19th) and Great Britain (56th).

Australia’s Damian Martin declared himself pleased with the new venue.

“The arena’s amazing. It’s a world class facility. We walked in and we were all like excited little kids to see where the Olympics is going to be held next year,” the Perth Wildcats guard told AFP.

“It’s just a great event that we can come here and test it out a year in advance. It’s a fantastic facility.

“London’s done a great job and to have a test event a year out, it’s only going to get better come 2012.

“This is an amazing event with some world class teams so to be able to come here and test ourselves against some of the best teams in the world before we try and qualify for the Olympics, it can only do us some positive things.”

China coach Robert Donewald was concerned about Wang Shipeng adding to the casualty list ahead of next month’s Asian championships in Wuhan.

“We’re confident but if we’re not healthy, you can’t play kids and win grown men’s games,” the American told reporters.

“That took some life out of the game. We’ve got young players in the game, Wang Shipeng goes down and I take a time out and you could see the faces as Wang Shipeng walks off the floor.

“We just couldn’t get them up again because it was like, wow, here we go again with another injury.”

In Tuesday’s other matches, Croatia beat Serbia 83-71 and France defeated hosts Great Britain 82-60.


basketball boys test 2

this is the agility test i will be getting the boys to undergo during this week’s training.

1. zigzag agility drill

4cones will be placed around the paint. this the order shown below

instructions: subject to stand and start behind cone 1. sprint in the following order 1-2-3-4-1. test will be done twice. the best timing will be recorded.

this is normative data for the above agility drill. i will expect the boys to come in below 7sec.

2. suicide test

i will expect the boys to come in below 29 secs.


good luck boys.

Zac Leow

beep test

i just conducted a beep test with my boys.
beep test is an indirect test of how fit an individual is and the higher the level achieved, the fotter is the person.

there are a few variations of beep test currently available in the market. it does not matter which version one is being tested with, as long as the same test is used every test. the norm levels of the test can be found on online sources.

here the instruction to my beep test app.

Zac Leow