10 safety rules for running on the road

1. Turn down the volume
be sure that you can hear the traffic (horns)

2. Always hydrate yourself
even on cooling days, drinking of water before and after exercise is a must.

3. Fuel up before running –
make sure your body has enough carbohydrate to burn

4. Antixodants to fight off air pollution

5. Proper warm up

6. Prepare for terrain
different terrain requires different footwear. Be sure to have the correct shoes for the correct workout

7. Steer clear of traffic

8. Keep hill work on a level plane
Hill work are great for training. But include them gradually to get the best workout improvements as well as to avoid injury.

9. Run with a partner
wear reflective apparel or light coloured top if running at night. Choose an area that you are familiar with.

prepared and written by Zac Leow

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